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non-Supercharger fast DC charging--when?

Tesla probably wants to avoid charging at non-Tesla DCs, just because the MS's chargers are no longer in control for DC charging and they don't trust some/all of the other DC stations out there.

But such issues ought to be fixable, which would expand our options. Anyone know more?

SAE Combo should be able to charge at 50kw (half the speed of a supercharger) and it should be possible to build a Tesla adapter for it. There aren't many of those chargers yet though and no adapter yet AFAIK.

CHAdeMO should also be able to do 50kw and there's an adapter rumored but, again, there aren't many out there.

Superchargers are the best bet for quite a while.

Elon seemed to think the SAE standard fell short of TM's elegance and effectiveness. His summary: "It sucks."

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