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North Cascades Highway - Plug-In North Central Washington

Highway 20 has been a seasonal favorite of mine for many years. It has many disadvantages; difficult curves, deer, closures and slow speeds. These are, in my opinion, countered by fantastic views, excellent road surface and a sense of adventure and discovery. With the placement of a Tesla Super Charger station at the intersection of Interstate 5 and Highway 20 in Burlington the North Cascades Highway has become a viable choice for Model S drivers. To encourage EV tourism in the Methow Valley Plug-In North Central Washington has scheduled 70A EVSE units for installation at Winthrop, and Pateros Washington. We expect to have installations scheduled soon for Mazama, Twisp, Omak and Chelan. These locations will extend the range of adventure for all EVs but certainly for Model S and Roadster drivers. These 70A EVSE units were purchased with the donations from the EV driving community and those who support the idea of electric drive vehicles. Plug-In NCW has plans to further your driving range through out north central Washington; the winery and outdoor sports center of Washington. Come on over and Plug-In!

Thanks, Jack. This is a great project and deserves our support. Is there somewhere we can look to see which of the new stations are actually operational at any point in time? Late summer/early fall is a great time to go for a drive!

Ron and I are meeting with a Web Developer today. Our objective is to include a "live" system map on the Plug-In Web site. We will be announcing the operational sites at the National Plug In Day - Wenatchee event on the 28th.

If the map can include the amperage available at the various sites, that would be a big help. The choice between a 70 amp and a 30 amp plug is huge if you"re trying to get somewhere beyond range and don't want to stay overnight.

The fall colors are just starting to come on, a great time to see the Northwest.

The entire focus of our project is haL2 and we will only identify our EVSE units by amperage provided for charging. The manufacturer convention of naming units by the circuit requirement is very confusing. So much so that our supplier even invoiced Plug-In NCW for "90 Amp Charging stations" when we ordered Clipper Creek CS-90 units! CS-90s deliver 240V at 70 A and are installed on circuits with 90 A overload protection. They certainly are not 90 A units.


See the thread on TMC Northwest

Plug-In NCW is very happy to announce two new haL2 EVSE installations on Friday. Chelan and Omak join Winthrop as operational sites. Byron and crew at Campbell’s Resort prepared the pathways to include concrete cutting and trenching and made the mounting backboard in about three days. The installation by Matthew Hepner took about six hours. Omak was wired in less than five hours with only some twenty feet of “dirt work” needed to reach the mounting point. Pateros Lakeshore Inn is next!

Outstanding. The Winthrop HaL2 charger at. The Pine Near KOA campground charged our car fully after the drive from Burlington, and after staying overnight in Mazama. It took less than four hours to go from 50 miles of charge back up to 250 miles in the battery. Returned to Seattle via Burlington, and probably will do it non-stop next time.

Will come via Stevens / Pateros next time,, with these new options. What fun!

Thanks for the effective work..

Brucelli; while you charged at Winthrop what did you do while the car charged?

Great news! Thanks Jack!

Any word on the Sun Mountain Lodge EVSE?


Twin chargers?

Twin Chargers, yes. These HaL2 chargers are what we were hoping for of allow easy travel away for the interstates.. We have family in Winthrop, my wife's home town, so it's easy to spend time there.

Brucelli: Plug-In NCW is accepting donations to place more haL2 EVSE in the north central Washington area. Each installation cost us $2,200 for the EVSE unit, signs and monitor. I talked with Seattle City Light today and they are committed to adding haL2 at Newhalem because Plug-In NCW has opened the eastern slope for EVs!

goneskiian: I visited Sun Mountain Lodge and walked the grounds with their head of Maintenance. I recommended that they install a series of NEMA 14-50 outlets (40A) to service their guests. The Lodge is eight miles off Highway 20 and it is not likely many EV travelers will make that trip just to charge at 70A. However, I did leave them with the idea that if they wanted the marketing lever that having haL2 provides in the EV community that they consider placing at least one at the lodge. The management team is in the decision making process now.

Thanks for the update Jack. I agree having one 70A up there might be a good idea as I can see someone heading up for dinner or drinks as the view alone is pretty fantastic.


While not part of the Plug-In NCW project, a new, public, hal2 ESVE will most likely be installed at Seattle City Light's Newhalem facilities along Highway 20. I have been working with Seattle City Council member Sally Bagshaw, and others have been working with council member Mike O'Brien as well as with people at City Light, to make this happen. This afternoon I heard from Sally Bagshaw that the plan is moving forward. Since they apparently will need to cross the highway with power lines (and hence close the road), they will wait until Highway 20 closes for the winter to do the work. They are shooting to have a public "grand opening" in the spring, perhaps on Earth Day. I'm hopeful that we can get a good turnout from the Tesla community.

And JackA has been part of this effort as well.

Plug-In NCW is happy to announce the validation of a 70A EVSE unit at the Mazama Country Inn, Mazama, WA. This location has places to eat, hike, shop and lodge. The Inn has two NEMA 14-50 outlets for overnight guests and a J1772 70A unit for travelers. The Plug-In NCW 70A is free to all. As usual, donations for maintenance and expansion will be gladly accepted at the office.

Excellent news! Great work Jack!

Thursday, November 14, 2013. Three electric vehicles, Leaf, Model S and Volt picked up the mayor and several city council members at the Chelan city administrative building. It was a short drive to Campbell's Resort on Lake Chelan but the excitement was palpable. The talk was of the electric cars and the fact that Chelan now had a high amperage L2 EVSE unit. As the caravan neared the entrance to Campbell's volunteers with glow sticks directed them into the parking area beside the 70A Plug-In NCW charger. We heard about Plug-In NCW's successes from our President, Ron Johnston-Rodriguez and how hosting a unit is "good for business" from Anna Kominak owner of the Pine Near RV Park in Winthrop. The Mayor described how this was good timing because the city was voting on a budget for 2014 that includes money to purchase and install two more haL2 units for placement in Chelan. We are sure the budget will pass, with the units included; after all we had half the city council at the ceremony! Finally, Art Campbell was recognized for the long, slow, process he suffered through with us as we "reformed" our infamously one sided Host Agreement. It was dark, it was cold and it was wonderful!

Excellent news Jack! Thank you once again for your and Plug-In NCW's efforts!

Just read about the Twisp site at the Twisp River Pub a few minutes ago over at Great spot!

Now all I need is an S so I can come enjoy them!


goneskiian: are you driving a Leaf? When Seattle City Light installs this winter at Newhalem a Leaf can make the trip...

Jack - Nope, we're still burning fossil fuels in our '05 Subaru Legacy Wagon and '09 BMW 3. It wasn't until about a year ago when the S started rolling off the line and garnering such high praises from the press that I (we) were made aware that an all electric vehicle might possibly work for our needs and wants. I've been glued to the Tesla forums ever since. ;-)

Yes, a Leaf would be suitable for our daily lives most of the time, but it wouldn't be able to get us up to the mountains to ski and off into the hinterlands the rest of the year for the bike racing events I like to participate in. The S range is even on the verge of not being enough in this regard when you factor in carrying bikes on the roof or a trunk mount rack.

I'm also a wannabe gear head and prefer to have some performance and style (yes, I know style is very subjective) in my automobiles. Perhaps I read too much Car and Driver but I got the impression that electric vehicles didn't offer much of either and nothing I'd seen (no offense to the Leaf and Prius drivers out there) had shown me that impression was incorrect. Just to be clear though I've never actually driven either of them. The Volt might work if it was offered in a wagon version. The many small SUV's are just that SUV's and I've vowed never to drive one. I'm one of the rare Americans that actually likes wagons. I would make an exception to that rule for an X though!

Enter the Roadster and later the Model S. While I followed the Roadster a bit in that I knew what they looked like and could spot them (sometimes even tell one apart from a Lotus) it most definitely would not be able to haul all our gear and toys so I didn't get the kind of excited that possible ownership seams to impart. ;-)

The S and/or X would most definitely work for our needs/wants (large enough to carry gear, get us to somewhat remote locales, sporty, dead sexy). Especially with the Supercharging network and expanding network of HAL2 chargers you're getting installed.

Bottom line is that slowly but surely we're coming to the realization that we could make this work with our life. I think the last big hurdles are "just how much are we spending?" and perception. Maybe they're the same hurdle actually, focused inward and outward. As I've read many times on the forums (which certainly helps with this hurdle), this purchase would easily be more than we've spent on the last 3 cars we've purchased COMBINED.

We're really kind of holding out to see what the X in production form will look like (she's really not a fan of the falcon doors). I'd be fine with an S but she would like something that provides a higher seating position.

Sorry for the long winded response!



It's a lot to spend on a car, but you won't regret it. I've had my car a year and still get a thrill out of driving it. I'm still finding excuses to go drive! I haven't been to a gas station in a long time and I don't miss it a bit.

Thanks Epley. I have no doubt we will thoroughly enjoy driving it every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pateros Lakeshore Inn will be hosting a Plug-In NCW 70A EVSE. We have finalized our agreement with the new management team and plan for installation this week. We are continuing our work with the "Highway 2 Brew" in Waterville which when fulfilled will create a line of 70A EVSE from Highway 2 at Waterville, to Pateros, Twisp, Winthrop and Mazama on Highway 20.

We validated the Pateros Lakeshore Inn charger Monday. 234V @ 68A it charged my Model S at 48 miles of range per hour of charge. It is also a really great location with a up-scale hotel and fine restaurant. Museum, city park and walking paths along the Columbia will provide an hour or two of diversion while you charge.

Jack, congrats and thank you for all the hard work you and others are putting in to flesh out a network for the rest of us in North Central Washington!

Plug-In NCW is happy to announce the validation of a 70A charger at the 59er Diner located at Coles Corner on Highway 2. This location provides a charging opportunity between Stevens Pass and Leavenworth. It delivers 238 Volts at 68 Amps for 50 miles of range per hour of charge. The 59er Diner is a favorite eating place for many traveling Highway 2 plus they have cabins for rent. They also serve one of the best milkshakes in the state! Across the highway you will find a Put Put Golf course and walking trails. There is also a convenience store and small hotel located within a short walk. Coles Corner is at the intersection of Highway 2 and SR 207 which is the Lake Wenatchee State Park turnoff.

Great news, Jack! Thanks for all your efforts.

I asked this question in the wrong thread, so I will repeat it here:

Is there any map or single web page where all the Plug-in NCW hal2 stations are listed? I tried to post a cite to the project, and the best I could come up with was a thread on TMC.

Also, you might want to send a note to Chad to have him list this latest station on his map.

Plug-In North Central Washington will launch a web-site in May of this year. It has been developed with the assistance of a professional development team and will be very informative and allow us the ability to keep it updated with current information.

DouglasR: i will send you a system map. Jack

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