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Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

@ HaraldH

What is your reservation number? or VIN?

EU S 76, VIN 14976

The Tesla rep. said today that the first 10 cars will be delivered tomorrow in Oslo.

The agony drags on - with HaraldH low no. and late August delivery, I shall be luck to get mine by October I guess. I was clinging to the hope that they would speed up the deliveries now that the time between order and delivery in the US is less than a month...

Neat video from March 2013 event with Elon in Norway. Sorry if this was already posted earlier. Didn't notice when I skimmed over thread, but I've only been actively reading since mid-May.

I'm excited for you Norway! Elon has a special place for you since you are the first to receive cars in Europe. I'm looking forward to seeing a video of the event tomorrow. Hope the new owners also post their own videos of test drives given to family and friends!

J. :-)

Duplicate posting re Norwegian deliveries. Was at Norway Oslo showroom this afternoon Aug 6 :

1) There is no event of official nature there tomorrow, JUST delivery of the first 13 cars tomorrow. ( JUST- who are they kidding!) They were running around like headless chickens getting everything ready. As such , they were worried that lots of TMS geeks would show up.

3) The place was full with signature models to be delivered tomorrow. What a pretty sight for longing eyes.

4)TMC Norway IS aligning the wheels at the SC as part of delivery procedure.

5) There will likely be a Tesla insurance program in the next weeks. They just have to get cars these delivered in next few weeks.

6) ALLOY/ RIM SPECIFICATIONS: It is Now confirmed: BY policy, Tesla will NOT give us official confirmation of the 19 inch rim specifications. "no comment and not authorized to give you that" mumbo jumbo. Basically they want to sell THEIR rims. News on the cyclone alloys/rims are absent and not a focus right now.

7) LED FOGLIGHTS are allegedly being delivered. They certainly were on the many cars in the SC today.

8) SIMCARD A data/mobile service agreement is under establishment with one of the large providers ( suspect telenor) for 3G service for nav and internet. Option is to tether your own phone 3G wi fi.

9) FLOOR MATS are allegedly NOT included.

This is what I have for now. I feel like I have been to Mini TMC heaven Oslo branch and died :=)

What about Slacker Radio? Or Spotify, is that up and running In the EU cars? I know Slacker Radio dosen't work In EU... It's a cool feature to play what ever you like In the car... Any one Got any info...


I am so sorry, but I droped out at number 2.


It should be starting by now (if there would be an event).

No video's?

Have all the cars for the day been delivered?

@Notre: thanks for posting those, exciting!

"In Norway alone, we expect to deliver almost 800 vehicles this year based on current orders."

There are more than 2,000 reservations in Norway already.

Does that mean that not all of the current reservation holders will get their cars in 2013?

@ Benz

It is advertised on the Norwegian Tesla webpage that if you order now you'll get delivery this year:

That 800 this year based on current orders combined with guaranteed deliveries this year if you order now, does not fly with the "more than 1,000" or even the 2,000 indications.

Something fishy here...

Concerning the question wether cars for Norway are shipped direct from the US or assembled in the Netherlands, this statement should set that question straight: How is the Model S coming to Europe?

Bryan Batista: "The car is shipped in parts: the chassis, the body interior, wheels, the battery and the drive train. The parts have already been arriving in Europe since early July. They are delivered in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands, where our assembly facility is. European customers will start to receive their Model S in August."

Besides that, the interview with Bryan Batista is quite revealing...

800 Q3

1200+ Q4

No sound on the interview video!

There is no need for Norwegian cars to arrive disassembled to avoid duties, so I don't think they go through the Tilburg sequence or locale.

Maybe that 800 figure is just a low estimate. And maybe they want to under promise and over deliver. That would explain it.

In Norway there will be Model S deliveries (almost) every day from now on, right?

I hope so. I really want our (my wife & I) car NOW!
A small joy was my test drive I had the 9. That was... I have no word for it.

Were there any deliveries last week (thursday or Friday or saturday)?

Maybe the users her should start posting when they receive their cars and wich city.
Also is there a norwegian tesla forum?

Benz: Next Norwegian deliveries reported to be at Aug. 19th.

Jarleø: Try elbilforum . no

"Next Norwegian deliveries reported to be at Aug. 19th."

And then they seem to start pouring them out on a more or less daily basis from all four stores (Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim).

Newsletter received from Tesla yesterday: "Vi trapper opp produksjon og levering av europeiske biler" (We escalate production and delivery of European cars).

I'm starting to lose faith!

But our car will come... one day... or another day...

I'm tired of waiting. And I've only been waiting since January!

You who have been waiting for years. You should have a medal!

About 100 workingdays left in 2013. If 2000 cars already ordered, 20 cars should be delivered each day .... The Tesla employees in Norway will have their hands full for a while...

BORING ---> Order Confirmed
We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S.

I saw a brat!

In communication with the Tesla help centre concerning charging installation it was indicated that I should expect to know more details by end August, that a "delivery specialist" would contact then. I am #2145.

I am however disappointed that our fellow countrymen that have been so fortunate to receive the car have avoided posted anything here, knowing we all drool to know their experience and impressions.
I guess they are too busy grinning through open landscapes... in blissful silence :-)

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