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Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Lax is swedish. Laks in Norwegian.

The future of transportation of cargo will be different indeed. But that is still going to take some years to happen, I think.

Fish can't drive.

What is a realistic number for the Model S deliveries in Norway in September 2013? How about 250? In August 2013 there were 185 deliveries of Model S in Norway.

250 sounds conservative, but it's unpredictable. According to a poll on the Norwegian forum 57% of 81 respondents so far expect 400 or more Model S delivered in September 2013. Seems reasonable as the activity is much higher than last month when regular deliveries didn't pick up until quite late, the 19th I believe.

My guess was 525, just about getting to no.1 before the VW Golf ;)

There are LOTS of people with September pickup dates. Mine arrives the 16th, just 8 days to go :)
(P1088, ordered about 14 months ago. P85+ with everything but rearmost seats)

More than 400 Model S deliveries in September 2013 in Norway would be great, but I would doubt that. In October 2013 more than 400 Model S deliveries in Norway would be possible.

Making preparations to pick up my P85 Sept. 19th....Anyone who can tell me how to get the Tesla app for Iphone? Cannot see it on App Store.

Google how to make an american itunes account and download it from there.

In which Tesla stores (or service centers) in Norway is the Model S already being delivered to customers.

I downloaded the Tesla App from the US Apple Store. You have to register an American adress to do so. Google the way to do this. Once you have the App, it won't work until you have the car and on the Control Menu acctivate for the App. It works well. From the App I can see the location of my car anytime, the inside temp, I can lock and unlock the doors, and open the sunroof. I can blink the lights and honk the horn.

I got my #220 60 today!!! I´ve had great expectations, but actually driving and experiencing the far FAR surpassed any dreams I ever had!! I´ve never owned a "luxury" car though, except if you regard a 120 horsepowered Mercedes C200 "luxury". Thus, I probably did not know what to expect... The Tesla is simply genious in every aspect. The user-interface, the driving-experience, the design (which really looks MUCH better in real life and in front of my house than any picture is able to display!!!).......

If Tesla keeps the pricing on this car stabile and the government does not add taxes I believe this car will be a really great hit in Norway. I paid about 520.000NOK for the car, which in MY world is a LOT, but compared to what I would have been able to buy alternatively in the gasoline-powered "world" it´s simply such an amazing bargain!!!

Can´t wait to continue driving this dream machine tomorrow, the day after and YEARS to come!! :)

...and now my app is finally up and running as well... ;)

...really slow response on the app though, wonder why??

It´s probably going via Teslas servers in the US or something, because currently the response on the app is unacceptably low... I guess still acceptable until a EU-based app is up and running though.

Lax? I thought that was an airport in Los angles.:)

Ordered my P85 on May 9th with suggested delivery Sept/Oct. Contacted Tesla Europe for an update, since my Dashboard has been displaying "Sourcing parts..." for ages now.
They now inform me that mid November is the current estimate.
- Let's hope winter comes late this year.

P.S: I was dangerously low on gas this Sunday, a full tank set me back 1.018 NOK. Needless to say I am urgently awaiting delivery!

In which Tesla stores (or service centers) in Norway is the Model S ALREADY being delivered to customers.

And in which Tesla stores (or service centers) in Norway is the Model S NOT YET being delivered to customers.

@ Benz
Trondheim and Oslo delivers Model S

@ Benz
Stavanger and Drammen will soon be deliver

and Bergen is delivering

@ janbylund

How soon will Stavanger and Drammen start delivering?
September / October / November?


Anxiously awaiting my delivery so ask you what you mean with "#220 60" - reservation #220 and a MS60?

Bergen is also delivering cars too.

Yes, Geir; #220 and MS60 (I believe the first one in Norway)... :)

Stavanger has delivered at least 10 cars already...

Any recommendations on winter tires ?
I have ordered the Pirelli without spikes, but have heard they at for continental winters. I need tires for Norwegian winters.

For us on the other side of the ocean there seems to be some very good things happening in Norway. How big do you think Tesla sales will be in Norway and the EV market in general? Can you seen 50% EV market for new sales and when?

50% is impossible in the short term. The Model S is not for everyones taste and the other offerings are too limited regarding range and size. The Model X with a 120kW+ battery and 4WD would be ideal in the Norwegian Market and will definitely sell extremely well if priced like the Model S, and with Gen III maybe 25% will be within reach.


Congratulations - and good for you!
That means another ~2000 to go before I get mine :-(
This takes forever.

Do you now really have only the Leaf as an EV choice? A limited appeal for sure. Leaf is sometimes #2 in Norway? (I hear)

Do you think the Model S has a wider or less appeal than the Leaf?

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