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Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?


"Another possibility could be that, they don't know the exact figure of the second week of September, but they do know the exact total figure of the first half of September (being 322). And what they did is they divided it by 2."

I think that is the right assumption. Certainly now that you (sharply) have noticed that there are more doublings in the list. Now I am sure about it.

But we have a total of the first two weeks of September (322), and an overall total of 511. And that is great. Now I think that the total for the whole month of September could even be 600+. Wow

@GeirT I've been following you because you are so close to me in ordering this car. I'm just as excited for you as myself.
I'm on holiday for the first three weeks of October so a delivery end of October is OK for me. Let us both hope we get our then! Middle of November will be frustrating.

The 2013 year total for Model S deliveries in Norway could even be as high as 2,400 if they keep on delivering at this pace.


OH! That is sad for you. But I do hope you get your car soon.
And SC... Nerest is over 1300 km away... :-/. Still, it can be worse!

@ Winnie796

Brothers in arms :-)

My bit of frustration is that I most of the time work in Asia. Hoped delivery being back and before going back early October. Now, late October would be good but mid-November is actually not too bad either.

Cross fingers!

@ GeirT
@ Benz

Check webcam from Drammen port:

I have been told that 150 Tesla are arriving Drammen each week.

@Lance Westin

That could be about right, in the first half of September 2013 there were 322 registrations of the Model S in Norway.

We can also say that in Norway every day (except Sunday) about 25 registrations of Model Ses are being made.

Still waiting my 2998...:(( hope see it soon

I wonder how many Norwegians will have chosen to buy a Model S with a 60 kWh battery pack?

In a poll at 9 of 185 stated that they had chosen 60 KWh. That means approx 5 %.

I got a S60, happy with that choice as long as my theory that I´ll be able to upgrade to a 120kW in five years sticks! :) If not, I guess 60kW still covers most of the supercharger-network (perhaps except Bergen, but I´m only driving to Stavanger anyhow), although I do have to drive a little more careful than my fellow P85s... I probably should have put down the additional 47.000NOK and got myself the S85, but I´ve already stretched my walled maximum and thus S60 it is (however, fully equipped otherwise)!! :)

I think only those people who already know that they will not be driving long distances many times in a year, that they have chosen to buy the 60 kWh Model S. For them it makes more sense to save some money.

But if you have the money for it, you are really better of buying a Model S with the 85kWh battery pack.

With a 85kWh battery pack the Supercharging option is standerd, so you don't have to pay an extra amount for that. And that's one of the main reasons why you should better buy a Model S with a 85kWh battery pack instead of a Model S with a 60kWh battery pack.

I just got a response from Tesla :-)
I have vin P18675 and wil get delivery in decembre.

What a christmas pressent that would be.

Still 3 months more of painful waiting thoug :-)


The wonderful message that VIN 16851 was in production was up a couple of days ago. Today "We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S" is back!

What a downer!

@ Winne796 - What about you?

TM is mean! Now the "The Tesla Factory is building your Model S" is back again! Why are they being this cruel, on and off like that...?

But now I am happy agaun :-)


They are teasing you, they mean not to be cruel (although, I would understand it if you may feel it like that).

They have been sourcing parts since mid July and have filled up my portal with documentation both in english and norwegian for my part. Otherwise it's very quiet.....

VIN 19481
Reserved Jan 13, Finalized 30th of May
MS- Black, 85kWh, 19", Pano, Nappa, Tech, and everything else but not rear child seats.

Who have been recently delivered Tesla model S? what is VIN? Mine is p18527 and still sourcing parts.

Finally my Tesla got VIN 23388 (chassis-nb) hope to se "In Production" soon!!!

Untouched by human hands, the TM computer is messing with your mind. "MyDashboard" is its favourite tool for doing so.

And it has been designed to make you (almost) go crazy, right before the day that you get to drive in your Model S for the first time. Just to give you the feeling of actually being in heaven.

@GeirT, sorry, been away to the UK for a funeral. Haven't been on line for two days. My dashboard hasn't changed. Still building.

Why don't you guys and girls in Norway organize a special (annual) gathering day for all the Tesla Model S owners who already have received their car. That would surely result in some great pictures.

Very funny idea. 2000 Model S queing up somewhere in Norway. Not considering all other complications, where would they all charge going home (up to 1500 miles North-South and 300 miles East-West)?

My VIN is 18496, and last contact I had with TM stated mid-november delivery.
It would be impossible to extrapolate a deliverydate based on VINs of already delivered cars. There are too many variables in the equation. And judging from other threads, TM doesn't produce cars in strict VIN or RN order.

My VIN is 20631. ETA is end of november. Extrapolating from Zebufs VIN that would be 2100 cars in 2 weeks. Can't be.

The RN is in no order: random internal reference #. Ignore.

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