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Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Winter tires are extra and they cost... Yes, the rim is identical so you have the choice of buying an extra set of rims or swapping tires on the usual rims twice a year.

No. Tesla supposedly have started to NOT number VINS sequentially, so that conclusions like this is impossible to draw. Trade secrets, I suppose.

Robert von Bahr (Sweden)

@robby81 Maybe 2000 EU cars have been built or are in production right now. I don't expect that number of cars on the road yet. My number is #1734. It just completed production last Friday.

Interesting to read about the problems people are facing with a dead 12 volt battery. Im thinking about getting the X, hopefully the bug will be fixed. Reminds me of a discussion I had with an BMW engineer this summer i met at nurburgring. We talked about the Tesla sales in Norway. He told me BMW had dismanteled a Tesla S, and he saId it was not a winter car. He said " I dont think Tesla S will not be so popular in your country in January" But anyway, cant wait to see the X !

I think the VINs include serial#, so they must be sequential. Batching of deliveries will jumble the sequence somewhat, though.

Winter tires:
I just ordered winter tires for my S. The offer I got from Tesla was for ≈ N. Kr. 41000,- I managed to get it reduced to almost half at Dekkmann. The rims are : 19" Rial Lugano Silver, and I chose Nokian Hakkapelita with studs. Had to get the special valves with pressure monitoring, got them from Tesla at kr. 1200,- a piece.
I opted for studs although I have been driving without since 94. This choice because I travel a great deal in the mountains during winter time, and it's often slippery conditions with ice on those roads.

NOK 41,000 !!! Are you kidding me???

NOK 41k, that can't be right? I called Tesla in Norway on Friday and the offer was NOK 23.500 for a complete set of winter tires.

I'll show you a copy of the E-mail confirming the price ! Might be a difference between buying them with the car and getting them later. Also consider the possibilty of not having to pay Vat with inclusion in the primary deliverance.

@ HaraldH
I believe you :-)
You are correct that there was no Vat if included in the delivery. The price I got was with the preassure monitoring and tires fitted to the car. Dont know what rims, but it was with Nokian Hakkapelita without studs.


do they have to be mounted by Tesla people??
I have my car in Stockholm, where there's no Tesla office or service shop.
And I really do need Winter tires with studs where I live.


No problem to have a third party do the mounting. Just remember the pressure valves.

OK, I get it now; NOK 41,000 (~USD 7,00!) vs NOK 23.500 ( ~USD4,000) makes some sort of sense as VAT (25%) will be added if the winter tires are not purchased together with the car. Anything on the same bill as the MS is exempt of "any and all" taxes.
But still, adding 25% to 23,500 still doesn't explain the difference of NOK 11,000. I recall there was rubber tax in the olden times. That still in place?
Anyhow - makes sense to buy the tires with the car - or go to Dekkmann.

@ NKinne | 6. OKTOBER 2013 NYE
He told me BMW had dismanteled a Tesla S, and he saId it was not a winter car. He said " I dont think Tesla S will not be so popular in your country in January

Please, tell us more about this ... Check out this winter test, isn't that bad, is it?

I have to believe BMW when they say Tesla S is not a winter car. BMW should know about this as they are experts at making terrible winter driving cars, as are Mercedes too. If you drive any of their two wheel drive cars in the Norwegian winter you'll understand.

Of course BMW don't have even weight distribution on their vehicles so you need to add heavy weights in the trunk of the vehicle, which means the weight is high up too. So you have to respect the opinions of companies who know how to make poor winter vehicles. LMAO!

Do I sense a hint of sarcasm, Winnie? :D


I'm sorry posting what this BMW engineer said, what does BMW know about making cars anyway, right? After reading this
forum I now know tesla is God and never do anything wrong. That's why I can wait to get the tesla x!

Hack! Did you sense that tomahawk between your eyes? /=:(

Thankyou. I got your message. I did not quite get your smiley.

We are a little bit crazy about Tesla. Are we not? BMW, Mercedes, Auto Union (AUDI) make good cars. And Model S is certainly a good car, but I do believe that other car manufacture can make good cars. They have done it about 100 years. They have not become bad overnight.

The sarcasm was as subtle as a hatchet, and the smiley shows the divot it made.

How could they get the EU version? It first came in august - Signature customer?


I met him in August. I did not ask for details how they got the car etc.

Finaliy got my message : The Tesla Factory is building your Model S.
Vin 18527 and #2998

Mail from TM Oslo on Oct 1st:

"Vi har spennende nyheter til deg! Bilen din er ferdig produsert på Teslas fabrikk i Fremont, California og den er nå på vei til Europa. Din estimerte leveringstid vil være mellom
Delivery Date Range Start og Delivery Date Range End og en leveringsspesialist vil ta kontakt med deg innen de neste 7 dagene for å avtale en tid for levering."

"We have exciting news for you! The car is produced at the Tesla plant in Fremont, California and is now on its way to Europe. The estimated delivery date is between Delivery Date Range Start og Delivery Date Range End [???] and a delivery specialist will contact you within the next 7 days to agree on the time for delivery."

It is now the 10th and I have still not heard a thing...


Geir. They are as interested to get your money as fast as possible as you are to get the car and will not delay delivery unduly. My guess is that you get the car in the first week of November.

Sure Notre, I would assume the same. But why send stupid emails without dates (lack of QA) and why promise something that is not delivered? This is against all sensible marketing: over promise and under deliver.... they end up with people being pissed off, totally unnecessary.

Guess my rant is for the TM Oslo management and for them to shape up. This is not good!
At lest not for me.

Still sourcing parts according to my dashboard (since july 17th) :-(
Visited Tesla Store in Trondheim today , and asked them if they could find any other information in their systems.Guess what, they said production was complete, end of the line at oct.7th :-)

Approx 50 days to wait then I hope...

Vinn: 19399
Production complete 12 Oktober 2013

Vinn, indeed!

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