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Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

@ Brian H

I was afraid of that. It sucks to be a lonely sufferer! Oh well, another 6 months or so to go... I'll hibernate.

I have not test drive the MS. So i do not know what i have order.
That is a good thing.
But i feel the same as GeirT, Brian H and all who waits.
The beauty is that i order in january. Think of they who order they car in 2012 or 2011...

Please note; there is little correlation between date of the specification mail and delivery. I have confirmation that EU Sig# 1 and other low Sig numbers in Norway just finalized, probably as some of the last Sigs in Europe. Still they will get their cars first.

questions for the Norwegians, Norway not being a part of the EU :

is there any difference in import tax (if any) between import from the US compared to import from the EU ?

ic. will the N-cars be assembled at Tilburg, NL, or arrive direct from Fremont ?

There are no import duties on EVs, regardless of where they come from.

I see... This explains why Norwegians got their TTB-mails long before the EU.
Norway will be delivered directly from Fremont, the rest of Europe (the EU) will need to be patient.


Not necessarily. No matter where the car comes from, no import tax and no VAT. Even if from the Tesla NL hub, as exported cars will not have any taxes on them. By the way, this is the only tax related blessing you will find in Norway. For now. Once the EV number hit the magic number (15,000 units?), boom, taxes and the likes is back on. Norwegians has a perverse way of creating taxes, fees and you name it.... but I shall not become political. That is for another day. Joy is that at least something is moving, and some blessed souls have actually a date to look forward to.
More than I can say....... sic!


If there are no import taxes, then there is no added value to ship through Tilburg, NL - but extra costs for Tesla.

That's why I'm convinced that Norway will be delivered from Fremont - and will be ahead of the EU.

In a way, that's good for the EU's (like me) as well, as Norway (being a large volume) will not take up Tilburg capacity.

I thought the EV-exemption lasted till 2017.

I believe he's talking about duties imposed on importing completed vehicles into the EU, which Norway doesn't have. I think that's why they will be importing the EU cars to the Netherlands sans battery to avoid those duties. Since Norway doesn't have that problem the cars can presumably be imported directly from CA in a completed condition. This is a different issue than the many Norwegian tax incentives, which you rightly point out are politically "safe" until at least 2017 by agreement of the parties in the parliment.

Yes, 2017 and/or 50.000 cars has also been mentioned as a goal (not 15.000). As far as i know

50,000 total EVs, or per mfr? The US cap of 200,000 vehicles is per mfr. AFAIK.

@Brian H

50k total. The population of Norway is about 5 million, so the same number per capita in the US would be >3 million EVs.

The only reason why the cars would go through NL is possibly retrofitting the CE approved details such as lights, direction signals etc. With 500 cars a week and possibly a 100 for Europe it could be disruptive to fit different parts? As the Norwegian volume is high it would easier be to do that at the CA factory and ship say a 1,000 cars on a keel. But who knows, it is one big secret and nothing likely to escape before the big day. July/August is indicated.

And - I recalled wrongly, not max. 15,000 cars but max. 50,000 cars - and end 2017. That is the current political consensus. Those who lives will see....

I glance at the Norway delivery thread once in a while to follow the development in Europe. By now *I* can almost not wait for you guys get yours! I feel a little guilty to have mine...
Not that you need any confirmation, but it's sooo worth waiting for!

Tx for ecouraging comment. We are waiting in anticipation.
I have downloaded the Tesla App form US Apple site and are daily logging into "my car" to check if it is "alive" It is now under building at the TM factory, but the answer is still "no vehicle linked to my tesla account"
EU SIG #52



You status is now Building?!

We saw going from: Building, than changed to: to submitted to the factory - did you see this too?
and now the change (back) to Building?
That must mean this time they are really building the thing… wow...

yes I had the same changes: first building, then "submitted", then about one week ago again "building"m which I hope is real this time!

I (R391) got the "invitation to configure" mail today, and Finalized within the hour.

Got my "invitation to configure" 15 minutes ago. (R567).

White pearl,not performance, black leather, sound, air, pano, tech. package, 85 kwh...

Now confirmed with interesting new options (not yet on the web site)
- Cold Weather Package NOK 8,500
- Security Package NOK 2,300
- Lighting Package NOK 2,300
- Parking Sensors NOK 2,850

Got my mail today: P#335. Delivery Aug/Sept

I have not seen the price list for the extra equipment before now. Where did you get it? I have however received a mail with the options you mention, also including a special tuneup of the car. Do you have the price for that?

When in the process do you have to pay in Norway ? Does Tesla offer any financing ?

The last of the extra packages:
Performance Plus 36,700.00 NOK
Only for Performance I guess.
Got it from a Tesla Product Specialist. Can confirm the other prices mentioned above.
(P#56 - delevery July/August)

P566 (Norway) got the finalize buttton today.

@GunnarB: Performance Plus 36,700.00 NOK - is that excluding VAT?

No VAT on EVs in Norway.

Or the vat is currently 0% on EVs in norway, so you could say it does include vat:-)

Hmm.. got an email from TM the other day asking me to check that the email address was right and suggested I look into the configuration. Thought it was a generic email - but maybe something is cooking, that I can see an invitation ... soon?
P2145 is far off compared tho the current updates so dare not to have my hopes high though.

@GeirT I had the same thoughts but i found out everybody in Europe got the mail so I am P551 and maybe your delivery is earlier than mine ...since we have a Norwegans first policy

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