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Now that you have the car, what are people saying about it?

I was wondering what comments people are receiving from passers-by, friends, and co-workers who see the car. I would like to hear about favorite conversations you've had. Living vicariously will need to sustain some of us. Please spill!

Ditto Mike. I'm jealous; I have to wait at least one more week for mine!


Good for you! :-)

I use to ride our local train here in So Cal Metrolink (yes the same line that has one of the worst 'track-records' (pardon the pun) for accidents in our nation). I was actually on a Metrolink train heading South from LA, at the same moment when another one farther North of LA, collided head-on with a freight-train. However, even after that horrific incident, I still commuted via train until local folk started using our train lines as their personal Jack Kevorkian (which of course can turn a one-hour train commute into a five-hour nightmare).

Regardless, part of my reasoning for buying my Tesla is in large part due to our pathetic and hundred-year out of date mass-transit train system we have in So Cal.

As soon as I get my HOV lane access stickers for my MS, I will finally be on the road to a better future for myself and the planet.

I could care less what gas prices drop to, they still can’t trump driving the fastest, and most technologically advanced vehicle single-occupancy in the HOV lane!

Mike, I'm so glad to hear your comment about the color (green) because that is the color mine will be. Hey, and don't sweat the razzing about mass transit; soon we'll have the hyperloop!

New one today:

Hipster - "Bet that thing sucks a lot of gas."

Me - "That my friend, is a bet you would certainly loose."

I spent 20 minutes talking to a mechanic outside Starbuck's who was fascinated by the car and a little scared that he'd be out of a job in the future! I assured him that they'll need people to repair...oh, well, crap. Not much to repair on the Model S...maybe he should get hired by Tesla now.

P457, where do you live? I'm getting mine in 1-2 weeks in maplewood, Nj. P2238

@sbern I'm in Weston, CT.

[spoken softly with tears in eyes] "Can I touch it? I feel like part of history"


BTW, The quote was "appropriated" from jinglehyme's post, which I found hilarious. Did somebody actually say that to you?

I agree about the P85's ability to take on serious ICEs. Until a month ago, I owned a Mercedes SL55, 493hp, 550 ft-lbs torque, so I know what a fast ICE feels like. I took a spin in my friend's signature performance and it wasn't even close. The S was hands down the winner in terms of acceleration feel. A day after that test drive, I put in my deposit. Am now waiting until August, probably :-( (#14,326)


Thanks for the giggles. These forums bring tears to my eyes.....laughing so hard!

I have the green as well! I love the color. At first I thought it would be too dark, but I is just awesome

jinglehyme | December 17, 2012
"...a bet you would certainly loose." Or lose, even! :D

way to go @shop! I am sure you are getting the 85kw version, and you probably won't be waiting that long.

@TikiMan, I was in LA in Nov for my long trip, and took the 110 down to PV, haven't been there since they put in the toll lanes, and thought more than 2 people, HOV, no problem, then I got a ticket in the mail last week, with a photo of my Tesla! saying that I had tried to evade the toll, I would need a transponder, and pay monthly fee to use the HOV lane... sorry, off topic. and we paid for building the freeway when we lived in LA.

People LOVE the signature red too.

I also appreciate the various comments about the green color of the MS. We just drove 8 hours today (round trip) to see the green color before finalizing, as it was the only color we hadn’t seen. It is truly beautiful, but very subtle. As we drove in the lot around 11:30 AM, it was cloudy with a few rays of sun breaking through. We saw a MS in the lot and wondered if it was black, or maybe blue. When we got closer it was the green color that we had driven to see. We are going with the green. It seems that the green color is less popular and therefore more unique, and it is fine with me if no one else buys green, but if you are even tempted by the green see it at a dealership if at all possible. The available pics don’t really do it justice.


Yes, the implmentation of HOT lanes (toll lanes), on the 110 and 10 FRW's in Los Angeles are a HUGE mistake by the ignorant LA County leadership. I do know there is a state represenative that has filed a lawsuit to overturn excluded use by clean-air vehicles with HOV lane access stickers (i.e. white and green sticker cars).

Personally, I was completely blown away when they excluded clean-air vehicals from using these lanes, as I am old enough to remember when Downtown LA would literally disapear under a dark-orange cloud of SMOG on most hot summer days. If anything, they should add a 'green-car-only' lane on all LA freeways to help insintivise more 'clean-air' vehicles in one of the most polluted cities in American!

At least when the idea of HOT lanes was put up for consideration in Orange County, the OCTA shot it down in a heart-beat (thus the reason why I live in Orange County, because they are 1000% smarter than the greedy idiots in Los Angeles County).

This all makes me feel better about switching from gray to green!

I get a lot of the questions asked above. The one I get the most is how much does it cost to fill it up. I have driven 1800 miles. with my MiniCooper that would cost me about $265. The S costs me about $58.00.

The other question is one I do not have a good answer for. "What happens to that 85kw battery pack you have when you replace it. Does it go to the landfill or what?" If anyone knows the appropriate response I would love to have it.

Tesla Motors will recycle them if this article is any indication based on how they dispose of Roadster batteries:

I also heard they may get used as backup storage for solar panels??

BYT " .....I also heard they may get used as backup storage for solar panels??"

I think it is under appreciated so far that their use as backup power storage will be a game changer all in itself.

Big objection to solar and wind power is how do we cheaply (enough) store the electricity for when the sun doesn't shine & wind doesn't blow?

Big objection to electric cars, what do we do with all those used batteries?

Batteries made obsolete by new and improved batteries, or simply because they charge to 70% instead of 100% will have a ready aftermarket as back up power storage either at the residential level or by the thousands in utility scale projects.

"What happens to that 85kw battery pack you have when you replace it. Does it go to the landfill or what?" (JimBl)

January 26, 2011
Tesla's Closed Loop Battery Recycling Program
By Kurt Kelty, Director of Energy Storage Systems

March 11, 2008
Mythbusters Part 3: Recycling our Non-Toxic Battery Packs
By Kurt Kelty

All true.

OK, so I have had my Blue P85 for a bit less than 2 weeks. Someone in my neighborhood in Simi Valley rolled down his window and said, it is nice to see one of these in our neighborhood. He obviously knew what is was. Also, young guys tend to know their cars and the comment I get from them most recently at the gym is "this car is sick" which is about the best compliment you can get. :)

Blue, P85, Pano, Obeche Gloss, Black w/red piping, upgraded sound system (which is exceptional even for an audiophile except the radio reception), grey performance 21" wheels. The Blue-Black combo is sick!

@Volker, thanks

all, waiting at a light and a gal pulls up in the next lane in her VOLT. She waves and gives me 2 big thumbs up. She then point to the rear of her car. The light changes and she pulls out in front of me quickly. On her bumper is a stencil "Poor Man's Tesla". I had to laugh.

@JimBl, LOL, awesome.

lol that's a great story

More stories, plz!

Have had my P85 for about 6 weeks now and have gotten somewhat used to the drive-by picture takers, pedestrian double-takes, and people chasing me on the freeway to ogle the car. However, a couple of times on way to/from work this past week, have starting getting people with fast cars challenging me (have never seen them before to my knowledge). One day, had an M5 in front of me at a light as we were getting ready to get turn onto interstate. Light turns green, he romps on the gas and takes off; I was caught unprepared (and battery still warming up), so no contest. A few miles later on the freeway, a blonde in a 'vette cuts me off, sees me in the rearview (and maybe doesn't like how close I am), and proceeds to gun the engine and try to lose me. This time I was ready and stayed right on her tail. After a quarter-mile or so she gave up.

So be forewarned, temptations will abound! As my new license plates have now arrived in the mail to replace the 1" tall Cali temporary tag, I'll probably need to live a little less dangerously since I won't be quite as incognito anymore.

As early adopters, we are ambassadors for Tesla. My wife and I are constantly asked about our car. She now has a stack of Tesla Brochures in the glove box which she got from the service center ready to hand out. I hope everyone who owns a Model S accepts the responsibility of being an ambassador and help educate the masses about our vehicle.

Tell us more about the blonde giving up. How was it?

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