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Now that you have the car, what are people saying about it?

I was wondering what comments people are receiving from passers-by, friends, and co-workers who see the car. I would like to hear about favorite conversations you've had. Living vicariously will need to sustain some of us. Please spill!

While waiting for my daughter getting her hair cut I saw a 12 year old boy pleading with his Dad to go see the Tesla he saw in the parking lot (mine). Dad took him & his sister out to look at the car with them. The boy returned to the waiting area but kept looking at the car. So I pulled out my phone and started flashing the lights at him every time he was looking. I smiled & nodded at Mom & Dad when he was excitedly telling them the car was turning on it's lights. Then had a chance to talk with them about the car. (A little different than the daily long looks, thumbs up signs while driving).

Only one backhanded compliment so far from a conservative colleague who said he would never spend that much on a car (he never asked me how much I did spend)

I picked up my car on Friday 03/01 from the factory. I drove home and then went out to dinner. I parked on Piedmont Ave in Oakland and got out of the car and crossed the street. A jogger passed my car and turned around to take a second look and crashed into a light pole! That was bad.

I went to THD on Saturday to get a hose organizer for the charger, and got thumps up from another shopper.

I was waiting at a stop sign in Berkeley on Saturday night, and a pedestrian stopped in front of car and called his SO's attention to the car as I patiently waited for them to finish crossing the street to drive.

A street person asked me if it was a Ferrari. I said no and that it is much more affordable and sensible.

Today I enjoyed some obscurity in my old ICE.

I do like the minimalist look to it. When I compare it w/my 2001 530, the coin holder, the front door and seat back pockets are missing, but the center console provides more space than that on the 530. I know some other cars (my brothers Toyota) has more space.

How does it feel to be riding in the belly of an Electric Beast? :D

I was leaving a condo last night when I saw three people in their 20's surrounding my car. One of the guys knew quite a bit about the car, but had never seen one up close. We chatted for a couple of minutes, and as I had a couple of minutes to spare, I asked them to get in. His response was "Seriously?" Once in I gave them a tour of music on request and Yahoo on the screen. I asked them to fasten seat belts and we took a 5 minute ride. They'll probably send me a Christmas present. I've already given them theirs.

Brian H,

It feels awesome!

I don't even have mine yet (picking up at the factory 3/6/13, just 2 days from now!). But I got what I consider to be one of the dumbest questions ever:

How many batteries does it have?

Really? And this from a guy who has a Masters degree in Business, and is a Certified Financial Planner.

How would you answer that question?

My answer was:

How many do you want it to have?

I know, I'm a smart ass!

About 7,500 (estimates vary). They are a variant on the Panasonic NCR18550A to what we assume is a special chemistry mix designed with Tesla, possibly with additional safety circuity.

Oops = NCR18650A

Thanks for the straight answer to a "smart-ass" post! I have your "Tesla Operations" spreadsheet, and greatly admire the technical analysis that you have applied to the MS. (I am a physicist myself.)

1, 11, or 6,800 depending on whether you mean assembly, packs, or cells. Or SLT.

@wheatcraft - I'd like to lay claim to the Tesla Operations spreadsheet, but that one is Cliff Hannel's. :-)

Grocery parking lot: "That's a beautiful car, is it Italian ?"

Conversation in movie theatre parking lot in Silicon Valley.

Q: "Is this your car?"
A: "Yeah."

Q: "What kind of gas mileage do you get?"
A: "There's no gas."

Q: "Really? It's not a hybrid?"
A: "No, it's pure electric."

Q: "How fast does it charge?"
A: "I charge it overnight at home."

Q: "But what if you're driving to Los Angeles?"
A: "There are superchargers along the way that will add 150 miles in 30 minutes."

(Q): "Wow, that's not bad. Nice car."
(A): "Thanks."

Si! Elone Muskoli di Tesla, in Fremonta. You heard of him?

Probably the most remarkable comment was made by an 83 year old lady exiting her exercise class: "My, what sweet lines!"

I'll add my two. A coworker "Holy $@*& there's a tesla model s parked out there!". Some guy in a pickup frantically waving me to open my window. "What kinda car is that" "Tesla" "It says zero emissions?!?" "Yeap pure electric" "But you left that light like I wasn't even moving" "Yea it's quick" "Tesla like Nikola Tesla? I'm going to look that up!"

Ive become a celebrity !
'Forced' to talk about it everywhere I go :)

Brian H.: LOL, and also make the necessary gesticulations :)

In Orange County I have received only 1 or 2 "nice car" comments in 3 weeks. A kid working the In n Out drive-thru told me this is the car all of the rappers were singing about. So I googled it and apparently it is the hot car for the rappers. I was dreading the constant questions that others have reported as I am usually in a hurry. So I'm happy to report I have not had a single person stop me to ask about the car. I guess they are finally getting to be so many S's here that the curiosity has waned.

As far as friends are concerned I have given about 25 people test rides and let many of them drive it. Everyone is blown away by everything about the car. Many of these friends and family can't afford one so I am encouraging them to wait for the gen 3 car in a few years.

"It's the future!", I got that enthusiastic comment more than once from youthful, curious parties that wanted to take a closer look.

Here's my best so far (after having my MS for only 10 days).
My friend and I came out of Mimi's Restaurant (here in Reno) and we noticed right away that there were 6 or 7 absolutely perfect 1950s era Porsches parked in a row (maybe 356's?). We admired them, then made our way to my MS, parked just across. As I was getting in, I noticed several guys exiting the restaurant, and they were making a beeline to my MS. It was the entire group of these Porsche owners, who had been watching through the restaurant window to see who came out to get in the MS. They were really excited to see one "in the flesh', talked my ear off for more than 10 minutes! They asked me to come give a talk to their Porsche club, and I will be glad to do it! Fun time!

I am from New Zealand and have finally put down a deposit. I am primarily getting the S as a focal point for Climate Change and Renewable Energy awareness and discussion. I am putting signage on the car and also going to have a stackload of leaflets with information about those two subjects...oh, and a link to the Tesla website. Has anyone else done a similar thing yet? I am happy to put together my own leaflet but would find it useful to see what other people have found fruitful.

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