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number of miles at delivery.

For those of you who have received delivery, how many miles were on the car at time of delivery?


17 miles on the car. 50 (standard paperwork) on the title

there's already a thread on this topic, try Volkerize....:)

Many mentions on other threads. Use to search.

During a factory tour on Monday I asked why the mileages coming out of the factory varied so much. The answer was actually pretty reasonable. It seems that in the early production months each car was extensively tested. The production was tweaked along the way, and as quality improved and stabilized, they only test a sample number. So some cars will have a couple more miles on them from the factory. Add in the delivery challenges, and there you have it. I was informed that most are delivered below 50 miles, but some can exceed that especially if there was a maintenance issue which required a test drive. Hope this info helps.

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