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NYC buyer be warned....

Attention NYC buyers:

I am seriously considering cancelling my Model S order. I just found out that I am responsible for the full NYC sales tax amount (rate of 8.875%) on the full MSRP price of the vehicle which is approximately $9,000. Tesla does not offset the amount of sales tax collected by the value of your trade in vehicle.

In this particular situation for example using a $100,000 MSRP and a trade in value of approximately $50,000 (from AutoNation Tesla's partner), Tesla does not reduce the sales tax due to $4,500; ALL NYC customers are still requited to pay the FULL sales tax amount, $9,000 on the MSRP price and not on the difference.

Has anyone else experience this and what were the results?

@FLsports, I think you're still mischaracterizing the situation in Washington State. Where I live the sales tax is 9.5%, so on an $80,000 car that's $7,600. On an $80,000 EV like a Model S, taking into account the $100/year registration surcharge, I'm still paying $7,500 less than a comparably-priced ICE. That's not punitive, that's a huge incentive for EVs.

And no, we don't have to go for emissions testing.

@Salman I do not think the surcharge is necessary yet as the state is not really losing much revenue, I am with the tree-huggers here, EVs being more expensive need every boost they can get during a recession and I do not think raising the fuel tax an extra 2 cents will be bad if it funds highway construction (more than a poultry $100 surcharge on 1% of the passenger car fleet) especially if its makes it more attractive to ditch the ICE.

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