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Obama Wins

So now that Obama has won the election, what do you guys think this means for Tesla over the next four years?

Watch what happens as Elon pushes SpaceX into the foremost "Space Exploration" outfit in the world. It's already about ¼ the cost per launch of NASA and the Air Force (Delta, etc.) all costs considered, and is the SOLE outfit trying to develop re-usable rockets, and bring launch cost per lb. down by a factor of 1,000. He's about 40, and intends to retire to Mars, along with hundreds of thousands or millions of others.

When it and Bigelow get really going, you'll see the difference.

Just to repeat: SpaceX went from turning sod to its second successful Dragon launch for less than ½ the cost of one incomplete Orion prototype. And I predict the Dragon will be more capable than the Orion. E.g.: look at the Orion launch simulations -- with their old disposable launch escape tower on the tip, which might maybe help in the first 2 minutes of flight, and which is dumped as soon as possible. The Dragon will have internal propulsion, capable of safe emergency return of astronauts all the way to orbit!!

Government policy and practice quickly turns into empire-protection. It has stifled space flight since 1970, except for the Meccano-ISS LEO boondoggle.

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