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Oct1Event–The Model S Exterior and Interior

This Oct1Event thread focuses on the Model S exterior and interior related to the October 1-2 Model S event. Here are a few examples of relevant areas of discussion for this thread:


  • Overall Beta exterior design characteristics
  • Fit and finish of the Beta
  • Wheels
  • Hatchback
  • Front and rear lights
  • Exterior dimensions, clearances, etc.
  • Images and video links of the exterior


  • Overall Beta interior design characteristics
  • Fit and finish of the interior – seats, steering wheel, dash
  • The control panel
  • Other interior controls
  • Spaciousness for seating, legroom (front and back)
  • Interesting dimensions (e.g., the ground clearance for the Model S)
  • Features that were a surprise
  • Images and video links of the interior

Note that other Oct1Event threads address general impressions, the test drive, and the formal Tesla presentation. If you have comments on those topics, please post them in the appropriate Oct1Event thread. If you’ve created your own thread or site or blog or on-line photo album, please provide a link.

All of us who couldn’t attend thank you for filling us in!

@gjunky can you post bigger picture of that diagram paper, it shows the ground clearance-related angles (whatwerethenamesofthose). I think the picture shows also a standard curb stone as a well. I can almost see the numbers in that. 11.5 decree in front?

Well, there was a 6' 4" guy that got into the BACK seats without a problem and said it was roomy for him, so I'll go out on a limb and say that the front seats will fit someone 6' 8" :)

I uploaded a new image with lower compression which should be readable (same image name) as well as the individual images in case someone wants to take create their own stitched image.

@VolkerBerlin: I emailed you yesterday but tried one more image upload so let me know if this one will work.

Thanks, gjunky. That "blueprint" picture about Model S tells a lot more than any FAQ or anything I have seen this far.

It even shows that there is one part of the car that is only about 4.5 inch from the ground, but it is in place where it would almost never hit the ground (right in front of rear tire). Main part of the car is as high as any usual car is, maybe actually a bit higher in fact.

Headroom for passengers, etc...

Tesla should put that picture in some page in here.

gjunky, thank you for uploading the individual images. They are perfect! The stitched image is better than before but text is still hardly discernible.

Unfortunately I did not receive your email (I tested the mail address for myself and it seems to work), so that's the reason why I did not get back to you.

Re: mailinator. Seems that messages to mailinator are automatically removed after just a few hours (my own test mail from today only lived for around 4 hours). That explains why I missed your mail, gjunky. Sorry for being off topic but I thought I'd clarify this so that others don't fall into the same trap. We should probably find another way to get in touch. TESLA: Private messages feature for this forum?

Head and leg room was one of my biggest concerns with making a reservation. So I went to the event with that as one of my priorities. As I commented earlier, I was in the back seat at the event. I would say that I had at least 4" of excess headroom as I sat in the back seat. Eyeballing the front head room, it looked consistent with the back and maybe a little more, at least 4" excess for me. I'm 6'4". Furthermore, my son is 6'8" and though he didn't sit in the car, I judged that he would fit comfortably. Leg room was equally roomy, tons of space.

The beta looks fabulous and it is supposed to handle and feel like the dream of a car. I was looking for an alternative to ICE cars for quite a long time. This is it! Will be hard to save enough money but worth it.
I like the black roof. I got the option for my current Lancia Delta and it looks beautiful in real life.
The innovative interior materials are great. I hate the idea of having animals killed and their skin spread over the seats of my car just for luxury. If I got it right, Tesla introduces wonderful luxurious alternatives. Very nice work on that. Can't wait to feel and see in real life.
Yes, Cybercop, I miss that really cool side badge from the alpha, too.

To all Tesla people: You are wonderful! You contribute to something huge! Thank you for that!

I'm 6'2" and could not fit in the back seat. Most of my height is in my mid-rif, so you need to go find out for yourself.

@volker: Here is a last try. I uploaded the full size image to my web account.

Careful: This image is 16Mb in size and really only useful if you want to see individual measurements on the design poster from the Beta Event.

Reading the drawing on the image provided by gjunky, it says the rear headroom is 36". Whatever that means to you...

gjunky, thanks for making the effort! I've got it downloaded, will have a closer look when at home later. Maybe I can create a version that is smaller in file size and still readable... We'll see.

gjunky (and everybody), here is my stitching result:

I could not improve on the readability, but I think I did not loose any, either. The resulting file is around 1.3 MB. Thank you once again for providing the source images!

BYT: Just saw that article and I have to say those are the best videos I've seen so far showing off the in-car and mobile app interfaces. Plus you get to see how quiet the car is at 100+mph.


@Volker: Nicely done and you are welcome

I haven't seen any comment on it so far - Where is the charge port now? I have looked closely at all photos you lucky dogs who could attend have posted and I see no evidence of it on the exterior. Please enlighten me.

Driver side rear light has an lid that opens. Port is behind that.

It has been mentioned somewhere here, though I can't say where.

Thanks Timo!

It has been mentioned somewhere here, though I can't say where. (Timo)

For instance, here (scroll down a bit):

And here (courtesy of Brad Holt, member of this forum):

The excellent engadget article above links to another (bottom "More coverage") at Autoblog:
An interesting note at the end of that article:
Who isn't skeptical? Hundreds of people from the Bay Area, along with hundreds more from across the country and around the world, all of which have put cash down to be one of the few with a Signature Series Model S. Potential buyers flew in from as far away as Tokyo, Denmark and Switzerland to be part of this weekend's event, including one gentleman from Iceland who inked a deal to purchase 100 examples for his car sharing service. Fittingly, he signed the papers on the hood of a Model S beta Saturday night – the same sedan we ran around the track less than 48 hours later.

100 (Signatures?) off to Iceland for a sharing service! That was a $5-8 Million signature. They will, of course, be running on geothermal generated power, like everything else there. :)

BTW, the gallery on the engadget page is great. The thumbnail opens an 86-pic factory tour, with excellent clear shots of the 'station' description plaques.

P.S. The first 32-pic drive gallery on the engadget page is good, too, including some excellent shots of the jumpseats.
If the galleries are slowish to start, well, it's AOL. Hit Esc, then reload and it will come up immediately.


I got to sit in the driver's seat 7-Oct, and I feel better about fitting into the Model S. Altho they did not allow me to adjust the seat height or steering wheel (it's a Beta), I still managed to fit with inches to spare with the seat very high.

The great majority of males are 28" tall, sitting; most height difference is in the legs. There are long-torso exceptions, but the 36" headroom spec seems to leave lots of clearance.
Visibility lines are a different matter, of course.


Impressions on the seat bolstering? There's another thread that suggests that there's not enough support on the sides. Opinions? What about thigh support? I'm very long-legged, and like a seat that can come out to provide some additional support there (a la BMW).

Getting back to Volker.Berlin's (excellent) post on Model S being able to turn a profit, the investor report below states that Tesla's Gross margin

"was over 30%" and .... as a result, the development of Model S remains on schedule for first customer deliveries in mid-2012 (see the "projected delivery" thread at "In addition, we continue to have confidence in our long term target gross margin of 25% for Model S when we reach an annualized sales run rate of 20,000 units."

I too was at the ride event and feel we are getting one heck of a car for the money !!!

@ joefee "Hear here!"

Thanks for the nice article. It is very useful.

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That would be "Hear! Hear!" (British parliamentary call of support, meaning "Hear him!".)

And I agree. This is a very high "value for money" product.

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