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Oct1Event–The Model S Exterior and Interior

This Oct1Event thread focuses on the Model S exterior and interior related to the October 1-2 Model S event. Here are a few examples of relevant areas of discussion for this thread:


  • Overall Beta exterior design characteristics
  • Fit and finish of the Beta
  • Wheels
  • Hatchback
  • Front and rear lights
  • Exterior dimensions, clearances, etc.
  • Images and video links of the exterior


  • Overall Beta interior design characteristics
  • Fit and finish of the interior – seats, steering wheel, dash
  • The control panel
  • Other interior controls
  • Spaciousness for seating, legroom (front and back)
  • Interesting dimensions (e.g., the ground clearance for the Model S)
  • Features that were a surprise
  • Images and video links of the interior

Note that other Oct1Event threads address general impressions, the test drive, and the formal Tesla presentation. If you have comments on those topics, please post them in the appropriate Oct1Event thread. If you’ve created your own thread or site or blog or on-line photo album, please provide a link.

All of us who couldn’t attend thank you for filling us in!

By the way, am I am the only person who misses the old T side badge from the Alpha? They did change it, right? (cybercop)

I noticed the same thing. And I cannot come up with an excuse for that change. The integrated T with turn signal was eye-catching and Tesla-specific. (myself)

Well, what was eye-catching about it was its 3-dimensional quality, as if it were carved into the car. I'd guess it was particularly its 3-dimensionality which had to go in favor of an improved Cd. Tesla probably couldn't achieve a Cd value of .22 (nothing official, but those are the latest rumors) if they gave way to gimmicks like that. If you look closely, something comparable but decidedly more 2-dimensional is still in place in the betas builds that were presented at the Oct 1 event.

At the Bellevue opening the guy who was doing the demo of the 17" touchscreen said the stereo system was wholly designed by Tesla. Has anyone else heard this? I asked him again and he said "Yes, all the components are built in house". I doubt that, so I'm guessing they are sourced from another company and maybe this will be a late announcement from Elon.

The interior, after a long look is great. I've recently sat in both 7-series and A8.

Also, the Sequoia green is really nice. They had car shells on the wall. However, the Catalina White looked really nice as well on the wall.

I think you're right and they're using the computer as the head-end and attaching high quality components such as a digital tuner, amplifier, and speakers.

@Discoducky: Glad to hear about the Sequoia Green. It's really hard to see these colors accurately in the Design Studio, but to my eye that green looks almost exactly like the color I would have chosen from an infinite palette.

I thought the blue looked interesting. I don't think I've ever seen that deep and dark of a blue on a car before.

But then, comparing the way the red beta looks in pictures of the car (like a candy-apple red) and the Signature red on the mini-shell mounted on the wall (like a pure dark, darkest red), the blue car in person might look different.

I also noticed there was no mention of "Muir Red". So it appears there will not be any shade of red available for the general production car.

I think Muir Red and Napa Cabernet would be nice color additions (the former a redwood color, the latter a purple/red/black).

A couple days ago I saw the Model S on display in Toronto. I had reserved one just a few days prior based on what I saw on the Tesla web site. Now I'm not so sure...

Just based on looks, my all-time favourite car is the Aston Martin Rapide (here's a site with some photos: ). When I first saw the Model S images I realized that I was looking at a car that was the closest I had seen to the Rapide in terms of shape and details on the exterior. The "T" side badge, the shape of the front in profile, the shape of the side mirrors, the windows, etc. etc. I immediately fell in love with it.

Then I saw the beta. There are so many minor styling changes... and they all add up to creating a pretty ho-hum sedan instead of an outstanding performance sports sedan. The current Model S design could be anything - it's boring. The changes to the headlights, the mirrors, the "T" badge, the grill, the accents... all of it was disappointing.

I almost canceled my reservation right there and then.

I didn't, because I am truly hopeful that some of this feedback will result in some re-improvement of the exterior. The range, the performance are things that attract me, but they aren't the things that are deciding factors.

(BTW, I don't particularly care about the interior - it just needs to be functional. Yes... I'm shallow: I care about what other people think when they see my car, and that's usually just the exterior.)

You might as well cancel your reservation and start saving up for a Rapide because what you see on the beta is what the production car is going to look like. It's only the inside that they're still working on finalizing.

Frankly, I think the S looks fantastic! While there are some mods I would have made to the nose and the rear charging port, everything else is perfect for my taste.

Most of the exterior changes from the Alpha to the Beta were driven by aerodynamics. They were shooting for the lowest Cd they could achieve and at .22, they succeeded admirably!!!

Mishkin Berteig. I saw the Model S…. There are so many minor styling changes... creating a pretty ho-hum sedan. ... it was disappointing. I almost canceled my reservation.

Sorry for condensing your comments, I hope I did not change your intent. No argument, the Rapide is beautiful. I am sure the original concept of the Rapide was a bit different and changes to accommodate production, etc. were made- even in a $220K+ car.

If you read the forums, many forum participants have some issues (center console, charge port, the nose, tow hitch…). Cars change, evolve from concept to production… I can’t remember a car company that has shared so much of the process and encourages its’ customers to be as involved as Tesla. I anticipate further changes.

When the final see and drive the final version of the “S you will decide yes or no. There must be some redeeming qualities because you did not cancel your reservation. I can’t wait to get mine, even with changes, it will be a superior car to most everything on the road.

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