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One cannot order tesla without tires

I am getting my car within 2 weeks and wanted to change my 21's for 19 in wheels in December. I was planning on ordering my own winter tires to put on the. No go, per TMC. They will only send out the 19 in. wheels already with the Pirelli winter tires on them. Boy am I glad I called!

How in the world would you ever expect any maker to do that?

I incorrectly assumed I could order the 19 inch wheels and have my own tires put on them. Does not seem so odd to me.

Well... They are trying to do it as an "assembly line". Imagine a bunch of people dropping by the factory with an armload of tires, keeping track of the wheels with customer tires mounted, exceptions to the ordering process, pricing SKUs to track, ect...

Factory just isn't really set up for that.

I read Andrew18's original post as saying he's taking delivery with 21" wheels and wanted to order a set of bare 19" wheels to put winter tires on. Doesn't seem outlandish to me, either.

Ordering a spare set of wheels is easily done.

Call your local service center. They should be able to sell you rims only.

I'm sure Tesla would prefer to sell you a "package" (rims with tires already installed). Most companies do.

I'd find it a bit odd if you could not buy bare rims at all, but you may end up paying more per rim than you would if you bought the bundle.

You can buy extra rims. What made you think you couldn't?

You can buy extra rims. i plan to for a spare tire.

I will have the car delivered with 21 inch wheels,but will immediately have 19 inch rims purchased from Tesla but tires brought in by me. They will mount, balance, and install the 19 inch tires. I am a little nervous about others working on my Tesla.

Tesla is only the only one able to turn on the TPMS. They will fix me up on Saturday.

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