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One question for Elon...

What one question would you ask Elon if you could only ask one? I've watched the Q&A sessions and some of the questions asked by shareholders and others are weak at best. There has to be some intelligent questions we want to ask him. Hopefully this thread will flush some of them out.

Ok, so not a "deep & meaningful" question, but here's my vote:
Do you ever still drive an ICE?

The Model X third row looks uncomfortable for adults and the luggage area looks cramped due to the raked sloping hatchback. Any plans to address these issues?

I would prefer something deep and meaningful...but at least something more than "The car is too quiet, do you have plans to add a noisemaker to the car?"

Any plans, even far out, for a minivan?

- What is cooking for 2014?
- How is battery R&D going? What is on the horizon in terms of lighter batteries with higher energy density?

Will you adopt me?

Will you buy my company's (soon to be) product?

Will help verify the sleep mode nicely.

The World needs you to succeed. Are you tired?

What's the first thing you will do after landing on Mars?

Are you in talks with Apple or Google to find synergy between the two companies?

-From which part of the Milky Way is your mentor?
-Any plans to clone yourself in the near future?
-Wouldn't it make sense to terraform Mars BEFORE we start building settlements there, especially if that involves adding pulverized asteroids for extra mass (so the planet can retain more atmosphere and water)?
-Will a probe reach another solar system in your lifetime?
-What do you think of my idea of combining LightSail Energy's compressed air method of storing energy and a solar thermal trough to heat the air right before it enters the expander? Do you think it could offer a simple, affordable, and reliable solution for both energy storage and renewable power production because of synergies and economies of scale from sharing most of the components?

In your paypal days you were nearly bald, but now you have perfect hair. Is it transplants? If so, where did you get it? Looks great!


I was thinking the same exact thing about his hair. How funny!

@Atlantis & @Teslarocks - You guys should re-read the title of the thread....."one" question.

Mine: Why is there no coat hanger in the S?

Can I HUG you?

Still Grinning ;-)

Business plan - great; engineering - great; design - great; communication (except one on ones) - sucks. How come and when is it going to be fixed?

Calabasas, I hope he doesn't read this, because I'd hate to insult the guy. I really does look good (and I'm getting hair challenged).

And like Shesmine, I'd like to ask if I can hug him too. But you know, just in that one arm guy way...

How come you answer my emails but George Blankenship doesn't?

What's the progress on getting taxi/transport companies owning Tesla Model S's? If a fleet is near a super charger, it would make one hell of a vehicle for transporting passengers... no emissions, no cost of gas for the taxi company (which BTW is huge), extreme reliability, supreme luxury, a unique experience for passengers, and it would give a very rapid introduction for the general public to see how these vehicles look, feel, and perform. Win-win for everyone.

Now these questions are more like it. I'm interested in answers to most...except for the hair questions.

How many superchargers are planned across Europe for 2013 and 2014?

+1 nickjhowe

When will we see the next step change in range in a Tesla, i.e. 500-600 miles+ ?

I love your long-term vision with Tesla. I believe you would be personally satisfied if many other car manufacturers came out with better EVs than Tesla and sold more EVs than Tesla. I believe you would even prefer to give competitors access to proprietary technology (drivetrains, batteries, superchargers, etc) if that helps expedite the advent of sustainable energy in transportation.

How do you balance those personal goals with the fickle demands of Wall Street for quarterly profits?

If I pay an extra fee, can I temporarily swap my 40/60 battery for an 85 with supercharging, so that I can drive cross-country for a couple weeks, then swap it back when I get home?

Can you fix the forums? Start with search.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

@ModelNick Is it a European Swallow riding in a Tesla?

Would you work on cutting healthcare cost like you did for the rocket cost?

I would definitely ask about about plans for giving consistent messages across the organization.

"You have revolutionized the car sales process with your Tesla stores, delivery specialists, and network of service centers. However, early adopters are getting as many different answers to their questions as people they ask. It's clear that the messages from the top are not making their way to the bottom of the customer sales chain, and delivery specialists don't even have the latest information on features and pricing policies. What plans do you have for making your communication and information consistent across your entire company?"

Are you an intelligent being from outer space? -:)

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