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Only charged to 185 miles

I got my Tesla back from service yesterday (stalling/drive train issue), driving perfectly but when I charged overnight, it only charged up to 185 miles. HELP.


I have the same problem after the 4.5 update and I believe the power cord/adapter is the reason. It drops my charge rate from 40amps to 5 and last night I replaced the cord with my other Model S which appears to solve the problem. Will drain the battery today and try it again to see.

Wait, unless you have a 60kw battery then charge to 185 miles is normal.

Make sure that the charging cable is fully inserted into the car. If it does not fully lock, the charging rate goes down to 5 amps. Also check your selected percentage of charge as shown, it may be dialed down to 70% or something.

you will find that 4.5 alters the charging pattern. If you go to the charging screen you will see that you can adjust the charging level. The standard charge on 4.5 is lower than that on 4.4

Ah! I see that I can change the 'charging limit'. I slid over to the 'road trip' area (guess I have the 4.5 update).

Would be cool if Tesla would alert/notify on screen when updates occur (and what they do).

Also, TESLA: add a search function to this forum, please :)


When an update downloads, a message should pop up on your screen asking when to install. After installation, you should see a pop-up with notes regarding the latest update.

For search, we've been wanting one for a while. Someone constructed a good one at, but it won't search private threads.

TM has refused to add "Search" for years, despite pleading. Use or

Great news: after changing the charge limit yesterday, I charged up to 208 miles!


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