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Only one bluetooth device at a time?

I got a new phone today, but all my music is on my iphone. I quickly discovered I can pair both the old and the new phone, but I can't use one for calls and the other for music. Is this entirely expected? I was going to pop the sim card out of the iphone to see if it made any difference, but haven't had a chance to try it yet.

Yes - only one Bluetooth phone can be connected at a time. It's easy to switch between phones by hitting the BT icon.

Would be nice if multiple phones could be connected at the same time - so that either phone (if called) would be automatically routed through the car.

I thought that would be nice too because i have work phone and personal phone. Then I thought about the software having to support call waiting between those two and my other passengers' phones ... And it is pretty easy to disconnect one and reconnect the other as long as BT on for both.

Yes, only one is connected at a time and every car I have had works the same way. I leave my phone playing Google Music, and it automatically picks up where it left off when I get in the car. I would hate for my wife's car to automatically start streaming the music when I get into it without having to do something :).

It is easy to switch to any paired phone, so I don't see the problem.

Moving the SIM card isn't going to help, as the Bluetooth id isn't related to the SIM at all (and operates just fine with no SIM).

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