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Opportunity to check out a Reus Audio Tesla installation around SJ next Friday the 12th

Talked to Cliff from Reus today about his upcoming trip to the Bay Area for the Tesla event next week. Looks like Friday will be a good time to arrange a demo.
Call Cliff from Reus or email me at to coordinate. I am trying to get 5+ of us to do a package deal with cliff on their audio upgrade in the Bay Area. I have not had a chance to hear their system yet so this is a great opportunity to decide.


Has he quoted you a price yet??

Will he also be at the all-day Saturday Teslive??

Under $3500 depending on config. He will be at Sat and Sunday events. I suggest you call him to coordinate. I am planning to agree with him on a window of time on Friday and invite others who want to consider the group buty

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