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Option pricing is up...

The Features page has a bit more detail about some things:

Sport package starts at $84,900 right? Stating $79,900 plus Additional Standard Equipment is a bit confusing.

@Bill Tracey
He said, "I'm confused is the Model S performance the SIGNATURE S"

No, I'm pretty sure that the Model S Perfomance is NOT the Signature. I'm guessing the Signature will have all of the same features as the Performance, plus special badging and other aesthetical options, and unique color options.

Also, I'm not sure why people are having trouble finding the page:

"Optional Signature White leather"

Has anybody found a good picture capturing the difference between the non-Sig Gray and the Sig White?

Found it thank you....OUCH!!!

Bill Tracey

Well I'm assuming we'll be able to see this in the Design Studio and they'll have samples in the stores some day. I really want to see the way the banana leaf, lacewood and piano black trimmings look with different color combos.

What disappointed me the most is the fact that they are implying that "R" reservations won't be delivered until the fall. :-(

I was thinking it would still be summer for my R140, based on what some factory people suggested...

@mwu, yeah, that "additional standard equipment $5,000" had me confused. I read it as its included in the addional $10,000 that you're paying for the performance option, because I if you scroll down and look at those options, it says included.

How is everyone else interpreting it? I can't imagine they are charging $10k for a better invertor and some carbon fiber accents.

rdgreene | December 20, 2011new

My dream Tesla non-Sig is 92100, using my Sig reservation it's 99400. They're both under 100, which I had mentally prepared for, but I'm ambivalent about the 7300 I'm paying to get a car first instead of last. :)

I guess probably the Sig has some unknown "extras" that would factor into the equation...

rdgreene, it's almost the same for me, so i'm thinking about downgrade my sig reservation back to my original P one, especially because the color choise a better for me in basic models than the Signature...

Overall, it's close to the price range I was expected, especially for a performance.

I need some clarification about the "twin chargers" option, how it works, and what is required to make it work? is the high power wall connector mandatory?, the supercharger they refer to is Tesla's term for their charging stations that they are planning on setting up on major highways, which will allow for super fast recharging.

My wifes 6 year old $30k Prius had key less entry and starting. I would have assumed a luxury car made 7 years later,billing itself as the most technically advanced vehicle on the road, would have it as standard equipment.

Does anyone have a clue about adaptive cruise control or parking sensors?

Wonder what kind of lights you get if you don't cough up $3750 for the tech package: Incandescent or CFL bulbs?

microfiber seats cannot be heated?
other than these 2 qualms it's pretty much as expected

umm, one other thing, the pic of the 19" aero wheel option looks like a hubcap or spinner?

Sig priced came in within $400 of my estimate. Even with the pano roof, the Sig is under $90K. I'm very pleased.

Now, the big question is the final interior design, but as far as pricing goes, TM has kept its end of the bargain.

The pricing is pretty much spot-on with my estimates and expectations.

- The turn-by-turn NAV has always been stated to be an upgrade. If you have the communications contract or tether to a smart phone, then Google maps will still be available as long as you have Internet access.

- I was hoping the second charger would be optional on the Sig, but I'm not surprised it's standard.

- Bummer about no wood grain, but Big bonus with the carbon fiber accents on the Sport!!! Woo hoo!

- Not too surprising about the reduced performance of the 40kWh pack given the reduced number of cells in the pack to draw from.

- For the Sport, I remember stating that there would be required "options" with it including the air suspension. Pretty weird that they didn't just add it to the base price of the Sport.

- The website did say that leather was standard with the Signature edition, which said to me that the base would not have leather as standard.

- Mmmm Alcantara accents, whatever that is. LOL Is that like fine Corinthian leather?

- Too bad that Muir Red won't be available until 2013.

- Pano roof is $500 less than I expected. Almost makes up for getting stuck with a $1,500 extra charger that I probably didn't need.

- Did I mention carbon fiber accents?! COOL!!!

All in all, I'm excited!

To @David M. and the other people who expected many options to be included at no additional cost, simply because this is a "luxury" vehicle:

Please try to research some competitive luxury vehicles before you reach an emotional "speechless" conclusion. Check online or go to a BMW or Mercedes showroom.

The fact is Telsa's options pricing compares very favorably to the 2011 E350 Bluetec 4-door sedan I have now. I'll use the 2012 MSRP pricing for comparison. Tesla's Tech ($3,750) and Sound Studio Packages ($950) = $4,700 combined are roughly equivalent to Mercedes's "P2" package = $6,450!

Model S Tech Package: $3,750

  1. turn-by-turn nav,
  2. high def backup cam,
  3. power rear liftgate,
  4. automatic keyless entry,
  5. Xenon headlamps,
  6. LED foglights,
  7. Electrochromatic side mirrors, (E350 driver std, no passenger option)
  8. 16 GB hard drive,
  9. Two rear USB ports (not available on E350), and
  10. Homelink (to open garage doors, standard on the E350).

Model S Sound Studio Package: $950
- 580 watts, 12 speakers, ProLogic 7.1, 16GB HD and Sat Radio

2012 Mercedes E350 "P2" Options package: $6,450(!)

  1. turn-by-turn nav,
  2. rear view camera,
  3. electronic trunk closer,
  4. KEYLESS-GO (same as automatic keyless entry),
  5. Bi-Xenon headlamps with Active Curve Illumination (Tesla doesn't have active curve in Model S 1.0),
  6. LED Daytime Running Lights (instead of fog lights -- Tesla DRL are std.),
  7. 10GB Music Register,
  8. Harman/Kardon LOGIC7(R) sound system with Dolby Digital 5.1, HD and Sat Radio, (610 watts, 14 speakers) -- needs more watts and speakers because car is noisier inside?),
  9. iPod/MP3 media interface, (Tesla has 2 standard USB ports
  10. Enhanced Voice Control (EVC),
  11. Heated front seats, (STANDARD on Model S), and
  12. Power rear-window sunshade (not needed for a hatchback)

So, Mercedes MSRP is $1,750 more than Tesla's. Their invoice cost is still $1,206 more!

Individual Options Comparison:

  • Metallic Paint: $750 (Tesla) vs. $720 (Mercedes)
  • Tesla Multi-coat Pearl White = $1,500 vs. Mercedes Diamond White Metallic $1,515
  • Leather option: $1,500 (Tesla) vs. $1,620 (Mercedes)
  • All Glass Panoramic Roof: $1,500 (Tesla)
  • Power Tilt/Slide Panorama Sunroof: $1,070 (Mercedes, for an inferior sunroof)

Anyway, from the above you can see my point. Tesla has done a great job pricing these options against the competition, and I am very pleased, both as a future owner and current stockholder.

Happy Holidays!


PS. The only Mercedes package we don't see offered yet is the "Driver Assistance Package" ($2,950). This has DISTRONIC PLUS (with PRE-SAFE Brake) - radar dynamic cruise control, Active Blind Spot Assist, and Active Lane Keeping Assist. Note that Tesla has access to all Mercedes technologies and their "parts bin". I asked about DISTRONIC at the Oct. factory event, and the engineer said they are working on it for a future version of the "S". Personally, I don't think early adopters such as ourselves who are spirited drivers need these features.

I think Tesla always says Model S is targeting BMW 5 Series, since Mercedes is a major investor. :-)

> David M. | DECEMBER 20, 2011 wrote:
> What a shame to make leather a $1,500 option on a luxury car
> costing more than $50K.
> Also, included in the Tech package, which costs $3,750 is a
> list of features that ordinarily come standard on a luxury
> vehicle.
> - turn by turn navigation (standard on my $199 smartphone)
> - backup camera
> - power liftgate (on many minivans since 1999)
> - keyless entry (std on many $20K cars)
> - plus a handful of other cool and unique stuff

> PARCEL SHELF $250 option (always std on most luxury cars)
> PAINT $750 option (unless you accept black or white)
> NO MENTION OF 3G OR 4G (unless I tuned out and missed it)
> Speechless at this point . . .

OK I looked it up and Alcatara is a suede like synthetic material that is very durable. So it's probably going to be used in the lateral support parts of the front seats of the Sport version.

@mcornwell I'm also a bit confused about whether the $5000 is additional cost above the $79,900 or if it's just pointing out that you get $5000 worth of included options "standard". The former wouldn't make sense to me as that means the actual cost of the car is $84,900 and saying it's $79,900 is not true.

@toto_48313 The 20kW charger option halves the time to charge the car but requires very high current. By my calculations (and I could certainly be wrong) to take advantage of the 20kW charger option you would need a charging circuit that is 42 amps or higher (240V) - and it would need to be 83 amps to get the full charging rate. To compare, your dryer is most likely 30 amps and a whole-house air conditioner is typically somewhere between 30-50 amps. I'm not sure that any standard dryer plug supports 83 amps, so the Telsa high current charger is probably required.

I'm using a straight calculation (Watts = Volt * Amps) to come up with these numbers, but they match with other things I've seen regarding car charging circuits. However, there could be other factors I'm not aware of and Tesla will need to provide definitive specs on power requirements.

BTW, even 40 amp wire is pretty big, so be prepared to pay an electrician some good dough just for the wire to run to your breaker box...

@Mycroft, I have Alcantara seats I my Audi S4, and after 8 years they've held up very well, though the low 25,000 miles I have on the car helps. Not my car, but this is what it looks like:

Thanks, I suck at tags...

The luxury cars I speak of are mainly from Japan (Lexus). I've had 3. Before that I had BMW and Mercedes, which I considered to be more performance, less luxury IMO and pricey.
Keyless entry is std on lots of much less expensive cars. I don't know another car that only offers black or white paint or else pay for an upgrade. If anybody says they expected that, they're telling a lie.

Wasn't expecting the 160 mile battery to be slower 0-60 and top speed. If you swap a 160 mile pack for a 300 mile one, would the same chassis be able to get the better performance? I am thinking about resale values and aftermarket options. It would suck if the 160 miles cars were crippled in some way that never permits them to be upgraded in the future.

My mistake comparing luxury features to Lexus. Tesla never set out to compare luxury to Lexus, only to BMW and unnamed others. Even though many of the Tesla options are standard on Lexus, and many of the options like Nav and premium audio are priced at near half, on Lexus, it doesn't matter. I get it, economies of scale, etc, etc. Give me a moment, it will pass. Not deal breakers yet.

Still waiting to see the final dashboard integration of the infotainment screen. Now that could break the deal if what we saw on Oct 1 is final.

The Signature is somewhat overpriced.

The problem is that very few people will actually want every single one of the options included with it. However, it costs $5500 more than an identical fully loaded car. That's quite a large premium already for the time value, badging, one special interior option, and one special exterior paint option -- but if you weren't interested in one or more of the options, it starts being a huge premium. Possibly worth it (that time value of early delivery remains large), but a huge premium.

My Sig with NO pano roof and NO 21" wheels is coming in over $100K after sales tax. I have to decide whether early delivery is worth $8640. (It might be; I have paid large premiums for getting something earlier before; but it might not be.)

The numbers work out for me this way mostly because the 21" wheels are completely, utterly worthless to me -- worse than worthless, a pain. I don't suppose I could get them and sell them to someone getting a non-Sig in exchange for 19" aerodynamics, for, say, $2000? :-) Trouble is, I'd have wrecked the terrible-treadwear 21" tires and damaged the wheels driving on these gravelly roads by the time the non-Sig owner got their car...

The Signature Performance is even more overpriced, relative to the standard Performance. $11K premium!?!

It's looking like the people who reserved both a Sig and a standard may have been the the smart ones.

As for nickel-and-diming, I am astounded that Tesla are not planning to include the NEMA 14-50 campground plug standard (only the NEMA 14-30 dryer plug, according to the website).

That is actually pathetic. They need to change their minds on that: NEMA 14-50 has been the lifesaver for all electric car roadtrippers, and the Tesla Supercharger network will not really exist at the time the Signatures start being delivered.

At the very least the NEMA 14-50 attachment should come gratis with Signatures.

The HPC is out, it's far too expensive for its value as a home installation, what with the price of the car, which is already exceeding my $100K budget for it (I have to pay sales tax).

I might get a second UMC (one permanently plugged in at home, one in the car).... if there were a price for it. Which there isn't.

I also hope the delivery charge isn't outrageous. (I did work out that I could physically pick it up from Menlo Park and bring it back to NY for about $2100, so the delivery charge had *better* be less than that!)

Well, I am pleased at the inclusion of the other features on the Signature, anyway (air suspension, leather). But frankly, overpriced. I might well get it anyway, but overpriced.

I wonder if you would need the twin chargers to take advantage of the NEMA 14-50? So, with the single charger you only get 30 mi range per hour of charging. But even with the single charger you could still take advantage of the supercharger as long as you get the 300 mile battery? Is that because the supercharger is DC?

Tesla, please reconsider the cost of $1,500 for the rear facing seats. The seats themselves cannot be more than a few hundred in parts cost, and the labor of bolting them in cannot be THAT much can it?

In comparison, for the same $1,500 you can get a whole new air suspension system! That is a good value. $750 for the seats would be much more reasonable.


I am not surprised by any of the price options except for the tech package, and I still have questions (like others here) about the $5000 additional standard charge on the sport -- is it added to the price, or included in it.
After pricing out various cars and options, I have 4 that I am deliberating that range from $65,400 to $78,350.
Fall delivery would suit me perfectly as I could pay for it by then (barring any horrible economic crisis).

BTW, on none of my options did I include the suspension upgrade. I am just not convinced that it is necessary unless someone here can convince me otherwise.

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