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Optional Air Suspension System

Will be ordering my Model S in a few months. Test drove one the other day that had the optional air suspension, really couldn't detect that much difference in the various settings. Not sure I need the option, won't be driving in snow, driveway is flat, and majority of my driving will be in and around town. Those that have the option, what is your feedback on the necessity of the system?

My driveway is on an incline. the first time i exited the driveway on the standard setting, the car scraped the bottom. Setting the suspension to very high eliminated this. Once you start driving above a certain speed, the air suspension automatically lowers the car. Also, it does a very good job of eliminating bumps in the road. I am pleased the car came with it.

Issue concerning factory tours. It is not easy to get a tour unless you have paid your deposit and talked to one of the sales people at the show room. When I had previously called the factory a couple of weeks earlier they said no tours! I then paid my deposit, but had not ordered yet, and did a test drive at the Menlo Park service center. It was there that the sales person was able to call the factory rep in charge of tours and get me scheduled. They do them from Monday-Thursday at 11am and 1pm. And on occasion they will do them on Saturdays by special arrangement.It runs for about an hour, very informative. They drive you through the factory in a tram like vehicle. You are pretty much on the tram the whole way with stops along the way where you remain in the tram but get an explanation as to what you are seeing. There is one 10 min stop or so where you do leave the tram and spend some time in an overhead platform viewing the production below.

There is an excellent 45 minute video put out by National Geographic called Mega Factories and it is about the Tesla product and factory. You can see it on utube. I highly recommend it, we didn't see it till after the tour, as it was recommended by someone on the tour.

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