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OUCH, I just looked at my SonCal Edison bill

Where on Earth is the $.11 per kwh average rate everyone refers to when talking about "fuel" costs for the MS?
My Tier 1 rate starts at $.13 and hits $.36 at tier 5. I average $.28 per kwh each month. Edison just upgraded all of the meters in my neighborhood to support "time of use" billing. Should I switch over once I get the MS ? Any Edison customers here to help?

More demand in the US, sellers don't need desperation discounts?

We are about to crack 20% of all Australians home having a solar array, the demand here is unbelievable and 4-5 times what was predicted in government reports just 2 years ago. WE recently surpassed our Government's 2020 expectations made in 2010 for total` installed capacity. Demand is not an issue here.


I had no idea that solar is so popular in Australia. It makes me happy to know that you guys are doing so much good for the environment.


No offense in your comments. I am delighted to hear that solar is doing so well in Australia. I know we are behind, but attended a Solar-Energy Festival here this past weekend at one of our local Community Colleges, that was very well attended, so interest in clean energy is picking up in Seattle, and more people are considering solar. But I agree, the costs need to come down. If we could implement a carbon tax here, we might have a better chance to make clean energy alternatives more cost competitive with the fossil fuel energy sector. Even with the costs being what they are, my system will pay for itself in less than seven years, and owning the system will have all my energy needs taken taken care of. I hope the U.S. can follow Australia and Germany's lead on solar installations. Very impressive statistics on your country doing the right thing for the planet.

LED light bulb prices have dropped significantly now. At home Depot it has dropped to $9.97

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