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P85 Performance First Drive Comments

Like many of you, I had been researching the Model S for some time but until today hadn't driven one. Yes, this is a game changer. Think private Lear Jet whoosh instead of TurboProp drone. Or magnetic catapult roller coaster vs. wooden clackity clack traditional. Or high speed Sears Tower elevator vs. department store version. It really is indescribable until experienced first hand. After the first few disorienting accelerations, you quickly adjust to the lack of engine growl and start realizing this is the way it's "supposed" to be. Fit, finish, style, etc are all equivalent to a high end German import; what sets it apart is the gargantuan, silent, instant torque rocket strapped to the wheels. I have never, ever, enjoyed a car as much as this. So what do I normally drive? An M5. All that's left is convincing the wife...

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