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P85 versus standard 85

Simple questions for a not so simple decision...

I currently own an Acura TSX, and am upgrading to a Tesla. Can't decide between 85 and P85 due to 'having no clue if I would actually notice the difference coming from a 4 cylinder'.

For those who have test driven the P85 and ended up with a standard 85, what is your take? Please list your previous vehicle to help me out!

Much appreciated!
-Future Tesla Owner :)

This is the most unhelpful thread ever. =)

Awesome to see EVERYONE loves their Model S though.

Went to MS from 911 4S. The biggest difference is from a standing start. Once rolling, either car can pretty much crush anything else on the road.

@Dstiavnicky to put some numbers to that: 0-60 it's 4.4 vs 5.6, but 50-75 it is 3.6 vs 3.9, so hardly noticeable. I have taken this form a similar thread on TMC, I am not an owner yet, also went from P to regular and back. Still have a few more months to contemplate, European production to start in a few months.


Pretty funny - I also went from driving a 2004 TSX to the Model S. I did the opposite of what you asked, though. I test drove the 85 before I bought and I decided to just spring for the P85 even though I thought the 85 had plenty of power. I *definitely* do not regret my decision. The P85 feels a lot faster than the 85. If you can swing it, I'd say go with the P85. You most definitely won't regret it.

@sethvandermeer Tesla is overstating both those numbers, by the way. And the website has
been revised to say 4.2 and 5.4 now. Still a bit high. And definitely high with 12" rollout.

@electron you mean with overstating that it is actually lower than 4.2 and 5.4?

I test drove the 85, found the performance ok. I purchased the P85 and am very happy with it. I would still be ok with faster though. My five-year-old daughter wanted me to sell the P85 and get a faster one that is still electric. I told her I didn't think I could find one, so she told me to keep this one forever :)

Another point I'd like to make. I have driven some very fast cars. Cars like P or non-P can all feel very fast when you are driving alone. However when you're racing another car the one that is not the fastest can feel very slow.

@rsampsonjr and @carlk

I agree. I have always been a car enthusiast (since I was 5 years old) and drove a number of fast cars but bought my first sports car (2003 Porsche 911) when I was 40 years old and it felt really fast. After a year it didn't feel very fast and I started thinking about a 911 Turbo. In 2006 I bought a Corvette Z06 and it felt very fast (3150 lbs, 0-60 in 3.5s, spin the tires at 120MPH in third gear).

In no way does my P85 feel faster than I would want, but it is amazing the performance you can get in a full sized, luxury sedan that weighs 4700 lbs. And you can, most definitely, feel the difference between the P85 and the 85. The 'P' is totally worth the price.

All that said, if I could not have bought the P85, I would have zero complaints with the 85.


I struggled with that thought too. I chose the 85! 2 weeks ago with 3 large guys in the car and bucking a head wind we ran a 0-60 time off 4.63 seconds. That is what the accelerometer said. I got chewed out for the previous run because I did not hit the accelerator hard enough and still got 4.98 down wind. What you really have to worry about is letting your friends drive . The lead foots will get you arrested even with the standard 85. My buddy had us toping 90 very quickly last week. No more test drives without my self behind the wheel!


Go to a Tesla Show room and drive them both ! I had the option at Santana Row.

@sethvandermeer Yes, see the Motor Trend COTY article for example.

We got the 85 with the 19". To us, we always giggle when we floor it. It's fast.

When people ride in the car, they giggle also. They can't believe what this car can do.

If we had gotten the P85, I'd expect a similar reaction. But to us, not enough to justify the cost. We can afford it, but will spend our money elsewhere.

We have a beautiful car.

- Mike

I test drove at Newport Beach location, and they just had the P85 option, and I was told there that all Tesla showrooms only have the P85 and no other tier. And this was just 2 weeks ago. So what would be the closest Tesla showroom to have the standard 85 for test drive? Would I be able to test drive again?
I guess my main concern is the torque feeling between the 85/P85 especially since the numbers themselves really couldn't define feeling. I wouldn't consider taking this car past 85, just want it for passing ability from stand still to 40 and on the freeways from 40-75.
This thread has been very useful thanks to all for your valuable input! -Eddie

Go for the P85 if money is no object. I have the 85 and regret not getting the P. I debated a long time before I configured. My main concern was the 19 & 21 inch wheels as many discussed. I didn't want to deal with flat tires and damaged wheels. After I took delivery of my car, Tesla came out with the Tire & Wheel warranty. Had I known Tesla was going to have that warranty program, I'd definitely go with the P.

Like many have said, they regret not getting the P. But you don't hear it the other way around.

I heard Menlo Park might have a non-performance. They cycle the test cars around. You have a better chance finding a local owner who would let you try their car.

I test drove a P85 at Santana Row last October before taking delivery of a standard 85 at the end of February. The tester was limited to 80 mph and I honestly didn't feel that "thrown into your chair" acceleration merging to the highway. Traffic was moving fast that day, not able to pass many cars with speed cap. :(

Comparing my 85 to the what I recall of the test drive I cannot tell the difference. I have plenty of thrills doing highway merges, especially dealing with those idiots that normally block your merge and force you to stop on the ramp. Plenty of power for merging to the carpool lane from a near standstill. Being able to burst 65-95 in a blink of an eye makes most passing scenarios you wished you could do possible.

I'm sure if I tested a non-speed limited P85 against my S85 I would notice a difference. But not a night & day difference that left a lasting impression from a gimped P85 tester. Not as stark as Model S vs. ICE / Hybrids.

If money is no object, just buy a fully loaded P85 and worry about something else like counting the days until it is delivered. If you have to sacrifice "must have" options (eg. pano roof for the extra 2" of headroom) to get the "P", then I would go for the "S" with options over a bare P85.

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