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Painting the nose?

I have a pearl car. A friend of mine has a black model S. The front of his car looks sleek, while I feel the black nose makes the front look stubby. I was thinking that I could have the black part below the narrow band of black with the T emblem, painted pearl. I think it would enhance the look of the car. Of course no one has ever accused me of having good taste, so I invite discussion. Has anyone done this? Or is it just me?

@Chaser | MARCH 20, 2013 : I really did like the front nose design of the alphas with the emblem on the hood and the chrome around the black nose section.

Yes, I concur. I think the Alpha nose area has more of a minimalistic look. I like the lack of clutter and the logo on the hood.

@torst1 I didn't use Gimp, I'm in graphic design so I used good ole photoshop. The reflections are the ones naturally occurring with some dodge and levels adjustments
@BYT HaHa! I got lazy out on the reflection and you called me out :)
@Brian H
White with a red nose:

Red on Red:
red on red


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