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Panoramic roof...or not so much...

This may have been covered, and, if so, my "bad."

I think that the panoramic roof looks sharp, though, to this point in time with a number of previous cars, I have not used the installed sunroof.

I live north of San Diego, not inland where it's much hotter, but was wondering about heat and glare issues.

So...given my habit to this point, I recognize that there's no economic or utility-based rationale for ordering that option, but thought I'd run it by the community for its feedback.

Thanks to all who respond!


To cut down on the buffering/vibration, put down the side windows.

The interior experience is TOTALLY different when you have the panoramic roof.

1- Light
2- Head room
3- The ability to install roof racks
4- Resale value (I wouldn't buy a used Tesla without a panoramic roof; I personally didn't go with a really nice, fairly used, S85 because it didn't have a panoramic roof; it felt really dark).
RESULT: You will enjoy it every day.

1- It might "introduce" issues (leak, doesn't function properly).
RESULT: You "might" visit the SC once on average due to an issue with the panoramic roof. I know I did, but I would still go with it no matter what.

@Khalid, I'm surprised at you listing resale value as a "pro". Old sunroofs leak. I would consider that a "con" for resale value, since older used cars would be getting into that age when they will have problems with the seal and leaks and noise. As you mentioned as a "con", sunroofs are susceptible to problems that solid roofs just don't have, but I think it would be pretty clear that those problems are lesser when a car is new, and much more when a car is older.

I live in Scottsdale- ordered the car last month and due to the potential heat issues here and the fact that I never open a sunroof or a moon roof in any car that I have owned, I did not get the Pano roof. However after sitting in the cars (one with a pano roof and one with out a roof ) I changed my mind. I changed my order to include the pano roof.

Im 6'4" and while I never plan on sitting in the back of the car, there is significantly more room in the car with the pano roof. More importantly as others have stated, without the pano roof, the car feels a bit cramped- a bit stuffy. Much more roomy with the pano roof in place.

If should the roof leak, like all cars with factory sunroofs, there are drains going down the A-pillar (windshield) Another benefit to an all galss roof......less to wax :-)

@J.T, I hope the question was just trying to be funny and not serious. In case it was a serious one, no I am not blaming Tesla for my loss of natural scalp protection. What I am saying is that Tesla claimed very high block of heat and UV and that is not what's been delivered. The pano roof is gorgeous, but the glass is not as protective as claimed.


Hahaha true! and easier to wash with ONR since you don't have to change towels more ofter for swirl marks.

@DAVIDD8000 Well, 1/2 and 1/2. Yours is the first post I've read complaining about the level of tint on the pano. So, I have to think that you are particularly sensitive to the sun's effects.

My eyes are very sensitive to the bright sunshine yet I find the protection afforded by the tint on the pano to be more than adequate. I've done the side and rear windows with Crystalline and I am perfectly comfortable in the brightest sunshine.

In Colorado, where we have much less atmosphere blocking the sun, I still do not ever feel even the slightest bit warmer under the pano than I do on parts that are shaded. I did drive a loaner with the black leather interior and it was quite a bit warmer inside at all times. I prefer the tan leather 100%.

On the noise issues, my car has had an annoying seal issue with the pano since I got it, but a month or two ago they released a new service bulletin to replace the plastic exterior panel in front of the sunroof panel. Once that got installed, I have not had any noise issues, either open or closed. The extra 2mm that they raised the rear side of that panel made all the difference in the world. Now the seal stays in place, and I hear no wind noise from the pano all the way up to 85mph.

No hole in the roof here and quite happy about that. No leaks, creaks, groans, etc. I do have the Black roof option that goes great with my Green. I don't miss the hole at all, glad I did not get it. Perfectly happy to sit in my "cave" and drive.

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