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Parking near WSCC

I'm going to the Emerald City Comicon on Saturday, which is held in the Washington State Convention Center. I've used the WSCC/Freeway Park garage before, and I do not feel like I want to take my Model S there.

Does anyone have good recommendations for parking near the area? I don't really like valet either, but if you know it's a good valet, I would consider it. I will need to park my car all day, and possibly even into the night, like after midnight even.

If I don't learn of a decent, safe (in terms of damage to my car) place to park, then I'm probably going to park in Bellevue and bus over, which isn't ideal, because sometimes at cons I buy/collect a lot of junk and like to offload it to my car so I don't have to carry it around everywhere.


Park at the Washington Athletic Club. I park there all the time. It is quite safe, the spaces are pretty wide, and you can choose a "Large" spot. Go down to one of the lower floors, E or F. The garage is on 6th between Union and Pike.

Sweet, thanks for the advice.

Thanks. Parking at the WAC was a good idea. Seems like that will be great for PAX too.

I parked on Level H. Hell was probably 10 feet below, lol. The garage was pretty full because it looked like other con attendees parked there too.

I parked there for more than 24 hours (I kind of partied too hard, lol). It was $50 total. Not bad, all things considered.

The attendants are also really nice. I know several of them because I work out there, and they have always been friendly and helpful. Also, the garage has a pretty good network of security cameras. It would not be easy for someone to get down there to cause mischief.

When a Klingon and a Vulcan walked into a local eatery Saturday night, I just casually turned to my wife and said, "Comicon in Seattle this weekend." Glad I saw this thread before Saturday. :-)

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