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parking sensor retrofit not ready yet but...

I got an email from ownership experience that says they are trying to assess customer interest in this. So if you are interested let them know. Evidently they are keeping track of who responds.

Updated 10/28

If all you read is this, then know that TMC has decided not to offer this as an upgrade/retrofit. They say the cost is about $6K. I have heard all sorts of reasons for this from you have to replace the bumper to you have to replace the system console computer. Not sure what to believe except that they are not going to offer it.

@ Robert22,

Respectfully, any car that "drives itself" will require front and rear sensors and/or additional cameras with which to see. You're saying that it's not okay for a human to have the same assistive technologies as autonomous cars because, why?

I love my Model S, but I'm constantly getting out to to judge front bumper distance and height above parking curbs. Are you saying that only a good driver can divine the vertical distance between a parking curb and the front lip of your car? I would maintain such a feat could only be accomplished by a psychic driver.

@Amped: Curb heights are rough. I agree, there's no good way to judge them. Even the Leaf's fantastic AroundView 4-camera monitor wouldn't help you determine if the front overhang would clear a parking block or curb.

Definitely Interested especially in front where it is difficult to calculate/guess distances. I find myself parking too far away many times and getting back in to pull the car up ;)

I'm interested in parking sensors.

Consider me interested.

Gents -

The parking sensors won't help. I have them and have had my car for a few days now.

They don't pick up the low curbs. The problem with the Model S is that it's got a profile as low as a 911 Carerra yet it's a large family sedan.

I also constantly find myself parking way too far back from curbs and have to pull up. There's something about the nose that makes it difficult to judge distance. The parking sensors are great for walls or poles but they don't do anything with low curbs.

Twice I've parked and literally had less than an inch to spare as my entire nose sat over the curb. No response from the sensors. In their defense it went through my thought process that they didn't beep because the obstable was too low and that might be great. Maybe that extra inch would have made the difference in them beeping.

I think the key is to raise the car the extra couple inches when you must park head-in to a curb. I never have remembered yet but hopefully it will become natural.

I parked at the grocery store the other night and it was one of those 1/2" above the curb deals and then a 911 pulled in next to me. I noted that his nose was the exact same height as mine yet he was two feet back from the curb. You can do that when your car is that short.

@AmpedRealtor I agree, I'd rather have a front camera than parking sensors.

A front end camera would help us see where the curb is and would allow us to stop just before the curb without guessing or getting out of my car to check. I don't trust any curb to be lower than my car. I put the car into Extra High suspension mode and I still would not have been able to clear this one parking curb. I don't know what those parking lot people were thinking.

I called them yesterday and they said they are still discussing it :) (BTW Same standard answer for last 2-3 months )

The sales lady said it will be very expensive because they have to change both bumpers. Come on Tesla, you are better than this. At least come back and provide a time table. I bet there are 100s of customers who would be interested in this I upgrade.

The only regret I have with my Tesla is that I didn't wait for 2 more months.

Since Tesla has not yet offered front cameras as an option those who desire this should simply go to after market solutions. Lots of people have, some have done it themselves, some have added recording capacity for collisions and security.

Hard to keep a forward-facing lens clear. Tiny little windshield wipers?

"Tiny license plates for bees" ;)

@Brian H - Good point. I didn't about that. No front cam for me then.

Just out of curiosity, without lines on the camera, how can you tell how far away an object that is not on the ground is? The scale appears logarithmic for ground object, but I don'think it is for say a car bumper on an SUV.

@Thomas N

+1 I see/have the same issue with parking sensors. They don't recognize the low curbs.

I took delivery on my replacement Model S less than a week ago. Today, I received an invite to fill out a delivery survey and I did. I received an email from OE thanking me and it opened the door to more conversation. I mentioned that OE should consider a survey to find out who is interested in retro-fitting for options such as parking sensors, because lately there's been a lot of talk on this forum about parking sensors.
Here is the (good news) reply on my suggestion from OE.

"We are most certainly aware of the amount of interest in the recently released options and the feasibility of retrofit to existing vehicles, and we encourage customers to write in order to express this interest. All requests are logged and linked directly to the requestor’s account."

The camera in back gets dirty too; easy to wipe if necessary. Front couldn't be much harder.

Headlights vs. taillights? Which is dirty faster, harder to clean?

For those following along, I just e-mailed with Ownership and was told the VP of Service (don't know who that is, but ohters here do) wants owners to know 1) TM hasn't decided when/if a retrofit will be available, 2) it will be "extremely expensive" if it ever is available.

I wouldn't hold your breath base on that. I'd love the PDCs, but I am not optimistic.

Taillights get dirty faster and are harder to clean. How about the front camera right in the top middle of the Tesla T in the nose cone, behind an easy-to-clean lens?

i would definitely be interested in the parking sensors, especially for the front end.

I also emailed ownership and here was their response. I copied and pasted from their email.

Thanks for your interest in the recently announced Model S features. We are currently working with our teams to prepare these options for production vehicles. While we do not have retrofit pricing for existing owners, we should have more information over the next several weeks.

So, i heard back from Peter Welch. He said they looked at the retrofit and determined it would cost $6000. A little hard to believe. However at that cost they decided not to offer it. Is this the final word? Who knows. However $6000 can pay for a lot of scraped bumper repair.

I don't need it for $6,000.

How about a front camera mounted on a door handle extension mechanism. It swings up into place or extends into place when called from the dash screen. This would keep it concealed and clean. The extension mechanism is already engineered. A camera would be better than the sensor if it can be done. It would be another way for Tesla to be ahead of other brands.

As somebody that has the sensors, at most I'd pay $1000 for a retrofit.

At $500 on a new order they are a no-brainer, but as I've stated elsewhere their value is diminished by their lack of downward visibility in the front. That fact coupled with the long and low nose of the Model S is a disaster waiting to happen and the parking sensors are NOT going to help you.

I've learned to back way off when parking. For some reason I assume that the back is always sticking out and that is not the case. I've since learned to park "short" in the front and when I exit the car the rear of the car is just fine in the parking spot.

There's a pic somewhere either here or on TMC of about 10 Model S's all sitting in a body shop without their front fascias. I now understand why that is the case and I'm telling you the parking sensors are of little value in those cases.

I'm very interested but at a reasonable price, which is certainly more than original factory but even more certainly isn't 6K.

I am interested in senors&wife +2

$6,000? If that turns out to be what Tesla charges then it is just plain obscene and downright punitive. It would make me start to believe the whole "be the best car company" and "have the best customer ownership experience" is all just an act and not authentic.

I'd pay $1,000 for a retrofit but that's it. I finalized my order two days before Tesla surprise-announced parking sensors. I remain very disappointed I couldn't get them without cancelling my order and paying $4,500 extra just to get the same car with them.

How about they just sell us the parts for $500 and then we can one of the third party installers doing aftermarket installations install them. $6000 is ridiculous.

There are few hundred of us that were caught in the middle of this. Those of us who had our orders in, but the car had not entered manufacturing when the parking sensors were announced. Tesla did an especially poor job of addressing this group by insisting on repricing the whole car resulting in an additional several thousand dollars for the same car, but with $500 parking sensors even though the car had not been started yet.

There needs to be a special accommodation for this, in my opinion, mistreated group.

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