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Parking Sensors

I just reserved a new Model S but my only hesitation to purchase is the lack of front and rear parking sensors. I love everything else about the Model S but I can't figure out why they would not have parking sensors. All comparable (gas) cars have them as standard options these days. I currently drive a Maserati Quattroporte, which is very lacking on the tech side, and it even has parking sensors. I am really hoping it becomes an option on the Model S before mine goes into production. Front sensors make parking much safer and easier and rear sensors give great audible feedback if you are looking out the rear window. Is there some kind of technical reason why the Model S does not have them? Hopefully other drivers out there agree and if you do please voice your opinions as maybe we can get this added.

Since it had been said that there is already wiring for sensors, could Tesla be gearing up a super sensing system? Just guessing here, but maybe they are working on something much better than anything seen before on any car. I think I remember Elon said somewhere that he would like to work with (already working with?) his buddies at Google which already have more experience with self driving cars. Google's cars have many more sensors than anything out there and they have to dynamically sense many more situations. The spin off would be things that we could barely dream of today.
Just wondering if we need to be patient. Who knows what Ver 1.5 or 2.0 will have.


Please thank her for me for the info!

@iph what will happen to customers who already spent a lot of money on 1.0. It would be horrible to have to spend even more hard earned money on options that are standard on 20k cars. Hopefully Tesla rethinks this and upgrades all early RES holders to the basic options spec of North American vehicles at this price point.

If they are prewired, you can probably install a third party product, but only if Tesla gives out that info, and enables software on the screens. It must be said that all products evolve, and that earlier models do not have what later ones do. That is a fact of life and a penalty for being an early adopter. If the wiring harnesses are subcontracted out, it makes for economy of scale and future proofing to allow various circuits to be built in but not for immediate use. There may well be other circuits available but not currently used and even fuses which currently have no function.

The car has Bluetooth, they should just release the SDK already. The aftermarket will take care of the rest. Tesla should spend their effort in bringing BEV to mass market.

@OlanMills - obviously they had a reason NOT to source those features from a third party and put them on the v1 MS (Mercedes was an example; if not Merc I'm sure they could have licensed the technology from someone)

My comment was in response to the statement ( train or features...) and the fact they didn't HAVE to spend R&D money developing features that are standard from virtually every other manufacturer. They could have sourced the technology elsewhere.

Clearly they had a reason why they didn't.

This might be a solution:

Disclaimer: I have never used this product and certainly have no connection to Blinder. I currently use a Lidatek Le-20. This was one of the first laser jammers on the market. It has amazingly lasted through three cars and a decade of service. It is somewhat primitive in that it sees any IR signal and then blankets the the front of the car in a massive 5 sec laser pulse. No shifting, just jamming.

Laser range finders are ubiquitous and it does not surprise me that Blinder could multitask the jammer with parking assist. I would be curious to hear from anyone who has used their products.

I was told at the Bellevue, WA store this morning that not only are the cars wired for sensors, but that the actual sensors (at least in front) are in place, and only awaiting the activating software. That would be fantastic news, if true. Take with a grain of salt, but....


I'd be more inclined to believe it if it came from one of the service guys in Seattle rather than the Bellevue store. In any event, that's the first I've heard of it.

@Sthornton & @DouglasR - I was also told the same thing at the Bellevue store, on multiple occasions.

I'd like to believe it, but I am skeptical. Why wouldn't they have said anything publically?
Then again, it's not like a couple of ultrasonic transducers and some wiring are all that expensive.
The support electronics (A/D and D/A convertors plus interface to the computers) would have
to be there as well though.

I was told the sensors, wires and harness were all there and was seen on recent vehicles. What I didn't find out is if it was on all, or just tech package. Said possibly for parking as well as adaptive cruise control.
Didn't know if it would be a software update or a "to be purchased" App available at a later date.

If the above rumors and statements have any truth to them (and I hope they do) it means that TMC likely has an entire bag of tricks up their sleeves that we have no idea about. They have proven to be quite successful at keeping secrets until the right time. So if something as enormously important as proximity sensors (to some of us) can be kept secret in spite of all the clammering then I suspect we're all in for quite a ride. For all the other car makers on earth it is: what you see is what you get. For TMC it seems to be: we're setting out to make the finest car available and if don't (yet) believe that, stand back and watch.

Some of Elon's statements about the enhancements coming in the new year could certainly be taken to be an indication of surprises to come! It's as though there's always a new pony in the straw when a boost or headline is needed.

Sensors for parking and adaptive cruise are different technology. There isn't any one sensor technology that I am aware of that would serve equally well for both purposes. Just sayin'.

For the time being, how about a mirror attached to the garage wall. I attached a small, baby mirror--the one I used to see my infant in the back seat. Works great for my mdx. $5 fix for now.

If sthornton proves to be correct it will be the best upgrade and will move me from lokely to can el to definitive buyer(UK)

Any way to tell if they r there for current owners?

This is a big news indeed!

After a recent test drive of a MS, the CC comes off themust have list for me, if they can "activate" the front parking sensors, the MS will be perfect for my need!

I hope you are all right about this! :)

I too hope you are all correct. However, it seems crazy if they are already there that they were not activated from the get- go. Especially if there is not control hardware to add...

@dborn, Not that crazy, we have Internal Hard Drives that aren't activated yet, some features promised at signing not an option on my Model S yet, no parcel shelf or 3rd row seats. I'm not surprised at all if they have the sensors in place and haven't activated them yet. I just hope it's true!!

I don t believe it
I know they might have other priorities but if the hardware is in the car then surely they have or have thought about the software
The fronrt parking sensors are a must for this big car and nose cone

Car Toys has a great compromise here. It can be mounted under the bumper or along the top or bottom edge of the license plate(s). No holes, no nubs.

I am thinking of this option as a temporary retrofit. If indeed TM has a long-term solution in mind, as someone here said the wiring is already in the car for future sensors, then this device from Audiovox can then be removed and the TM upgrade be installed.

I don't believe DrDon's source. DC sales says there are no parking sensors or adaptive cruise control provisions on the current car. Further, the mixing of parking sensors and adaptive cruise control in his post indicates the respondent was programmed to say yes (often the answer when talking to a TM rep, whether or not true). These are two completely separate technologies. Adaptive cruise control costs a bunch, as it requires a long range onboard active radar sending and receiving unit. I have this on two cars, a Benz and a Prius, and it is wonderful in stop and go beach traffic. The parking proximity sensors are much simpler radio technology and work only over the short range. High end luxury cars should have both but it seems we will have to wait for Gen 3.

I love my Model S and think TM hit it out of the park! An experience at a traffic light yesterday was an example of that! ;)

I have to admit however that if the Gen3 comes out with more features, luxury or creature comforts beyond the Model S at the price point expected... I'm going to be a little upset.

says for back only, activated by reverse light.

If the harneses are in place, I wonder if Tesla is needing more time to integrate the software. Anyone who has done computer programing would know it takes a lot of effort to debug algorithums to get to acceptable reliability.

That's what I was thinking Iph, it's easy to sit back as the customer and say, "there is no reason Tesla can't do this or have already added that..." when in reality, they have a lot on their plate and deadlines to meet. They have time to push it out later and have made no secret that the car will get better in time.

can t we just email TM or GB and ask if the hardware is in the car??

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