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Passport detectors - mounting and etc...

It has come to my attention upon recent delivery of the silver P85 that my NJ license will eventually be the subject of in-depth court proceedings.
Is there collective experience about mounting a Passport 9500ix so as to to perhaps ameliorate what will surely be a very sad time?

I have the 9500ix, and purchased an inexpensive windshield mount kit, which is a simple bracket with strong double-sided 3M tape. The suction cups hold in most parts of the windshield, but then you need to deal with the cord dangling down the 17" screen to get to the aux power plug. I also purchased a very inexpensive permanent wiring kit, which, in retrospect, I could have crimped myself for next to nothing. It is a standard phone plug, with just two of the 4 wires (two inside wires - red and green) used to provide switched 12 volt power and ground. I wanted an inconspicuous location that was also near a source of switched power, so that it would come on and off with the car without needing to hit any buttons. The location I used is very high on the windshield, just to the right of the rear view mirror. There are other threads that show how the mirror can be split in half to get to two wires (red and black). Just use a plastic knife or similar object to carefully pry apart 4 clips. Using a black phone cord makes the installation look a bit better. No cutting of plastic parts, since the wire can be snuck under the mirror mount when reassembling. You only need to remove the right side of the mirror mount(the part against the glass, not the mirror stalk). The 9500ix can see the GPS signal from that location, and receive X, K, and Ka bands. I don't have much laser in my area, so I'm not sure how well it sees from that viewpoint since it has not gone off since being moved into that location. But, while initially testing my 9500ix, I did get one laser hit, but it was mounted in the center of the dash, at the very bottom of the windshield. It works great. Is not noticeable. I am very happy with the installation. Note that the location is a compromise. You want it as close to the windshield as possible for best reception of signals. A coating on the windshield decreases the sensitivity as you move, even a few inches, away from the windshield. It must have to do with reflecting the waveforms away from the sensor, since just a few inches makes a difference. Even if I can get more sensitivity by placing it at the bottom of the windshield (not sure that is true), it is not very hidden, and you would need to always rush to remove it if pulled over. Police do not like to see you using a detector. Good luck. Bummer about the ticket. It is hard to drive the speed limit in that vehicle. Be safe.

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