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Pebble Watchface

I couldn't find a Tesla watchface for my Pebble so I made one. If any of you are interested:

Happy Thanksgiving!

@ModelSD That's pretty cool. Thanks!

BBCode doesn't work here. Just HTML:

<img src="" width="600">

600 pixels for column width.

@ModelSD - Very cool, and to get the very cool Pebble watch:

If you're not aware of it, MyPebbleWatchfaces has tons of faces (one of which might be yours).[]=1&pebble_language[]=&pebble_authorName=&orderBy=pebble_dateAdded_desc&query=tesla

The one by "dbullard" is mine :)

Oops, meant to say, "tons of faces, including 3 Tesla faces (one of which might be yours)"

Thanks! I posted two on that website. There is also an inverted color one.

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