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To the people that own a Roadster or Model S

Just out of curiosity, what do you do for a living?


What Brain H meant to say was:

"Retired English teacher." haha :)

Nope. Retired online editor, small computer service and consulting, accounting.

It was a bad joke...

And it's "Brian", not "Brain". Was that a bad joke, too, or just another characteristic error?

Nope definitely an error.

unsuccessful pokerplayer

waiting for the s,drive now a zotye 5008ev

Medical school professor

Robot engineer.

My name explains it all !!

I didn't realize you robots were so advanced.

Dang, another robot stowaway snuck into my time machine!

retired air force / commercial pilot

real estate broker in new york

Software Repackager

Environmental scientist. NorCal surfer. Inventor. Dog lover. Charges at home with 7 kW solar array.

Automotive wiring harness engineer

Computer Motion Graphic Artist - NBC Universal

Commodities Operations Office at a bank.

Nuclear Watch Engineer for commercial nuclear power plant. I make electricity for my Tesla and for most of South Florida.

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