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Performance 85 Without Air Suspension?

Is it possible to order a P85 w/o the Air Suspension? The site automatically pre-checks it on the options but I have read that some people claim they have P85's w/o the $2250 option.

I saw one at the dealership with the sticker and it showed negative $1500 for not having the air.

The Seattle store has a P85 without air suspension in the showroom. What I was told was that their supplier ran out so rather than wait, they produced some P85's without air--mainly to put in stores.

Don't know that you can order them without air suspension otherwise though.

Ditto for the Fashion Island store. I test drove a beautiful black P85 without air suspension. They also noted that this was so they would just have enough for test drives. If you don't mind the tester, I would inquire about purchasing one.

A P85 without air suspension in Seattle?
I think that might be an issue.

Why would you want it without it?

Price and immediate delivery?

One of the things I LOVE about the active air-suspension is the fact that it constantly adjusts the ride height depending on conditions.

-When I park, my MS always clears most curbs, and parking bumpers.

-When I pull into a steep driveway, it always clears it straight on (if it’s really steep, I can adjust it even higher).

-When I drive past 40 MPH, it settles in at the most arrow-dynamic height for best performance (like some of the fastest exotics).

aerodynamic No archery involved.

Does it sense the steep driveways? Doesn't sound right (yet).


It doesn't need to sense them, when driving below 40 MPH, it raises the car to a slightly higher height (standard), which is similar to that of a typical non-performance sadan. After 40 MPH, it looks and feels like a racecar, that takes bumps like a Bentley :-)

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