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Performance Package with 19" Wheels

The performance package requires 21" wheels.
Has anyone tried 19" wheels with it?
In Norway we will need 19" wheels with winter tyres for at least 5 months of the year. I am wondering how 19" wheels will affect the handling if the staggered set up and wider back tyres is only for 21" wheels.

It's academic since 21" is required for performance plus. However one can safely assume softer sidewall of 19" will not take full advantage of the performance plus tuning.

19" wheels and snow tires will reduce handling. They do on all cars. I have another vehicle with 21s and high performance summer tires, wider in back, and 19s with snows. Have done this for years with various cars. Definitely reduces handling -- until it snows. Extreme performance summer tires of any size will slide right off the road. Winter tires let you drive in the winter weather. You give up one for the other.

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