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Performance tires?

I don't understand the difference between the tire options and was hoping for a little information from all the car folks here. Quite a few people on this forum have said that they view "performance tires" as a negative, mostly it seems because of additional costs down the road due to maintenance and replacement (?). Do they effect the quality of the ride? Maybe make it stiffer and more sportscar-like? Also, the size differential between the performance tires and the regular "all season tires" - is that just the hubcap size (maybe that's called the wheel these days) or the actual circumference of the rubber tire? So does your choice of tire effect turning radius? I'm really hoping that we can test drive different vehicles with the various tires because I like the look of the high performance tires, but I don't want a stiff, bumpy, sports car ride. I have reservations for both a production model and a Signature model and am trying to figure out if these tires are something I want. If it matters, I live in Northern California and this car will never be in true winter driving conditions. Thanks! I appreciate any info all you people with far more automobile knowledge can impart!

"Walter Franck (Tesla Motors?)"
Yah, "Ownership Experience Advocate".

I got about 25K miles on my Mercedes SL500 shod with Michelin Pilot Sport II's. I replaced them with the newer PS III's for about 2K installed.

I corner pretty briskly and these Michelin's perform quite well. The PS III's are great, and their new polymer formulation is designed to handle all seasons very well. I've had very good experience with them in heavy rain.

If you are spirited driver, low profile tires make a huge difference in the satisfaction of driving. With the Model S offering an unmatched center of gravity, to get ordinary tires would be to dumb-down a unique thrill made possible by Tesla's new architecture.

If instead you are a conservative driver, the cost, life, and reduced compliance over rough pavement would make it insane to buy the performance tires. The 19" all season wheels/tires would feel smoother and cost less.

Figure out your driving preference, and the choice of tire is pretty automatic.

Update from an owner: I have had my baby for three weeks now [...] 21" wheels. If you are on the fence get them. I read allot regarding concern about pot holes, ride, range etc. but the 21" wheels are fantastic. They look incredible and they hold the road like a slot-car. The air suspension makes the ride incredibly smooth. I just swapped out my 21" tires for the non-studded 19" winter tires and I miss my 21's already. I notice a considerable difference in handling between the two. I am not sure how the standard 19" tires compare to the winter tires, but if they are at all similar I would highly recommend the 21" wheels and tires.

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