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Performance Wheel at 70 mph + 1 pothole =

Today was heading East on I-70 into Denver. Big boom on the left front end. Amazingly, the tire did not blow. The Denver Tesla service center got me in right away. I switched over to my Winter 19s. I am thankful I bought the wheel insurance for the first time in my life this year.

Here's the pictures..

Link shows no photo.

@icsyung Sorry, the pic link should work now.


Was the wheel insurance through Tesla?

Yes the wheel insurance is thru Tesla.

You are a lucky man. You could have been a scattered mess down the highway. You better go home, hug the kids, kiss the wife and have an adult beverage.

@akikiki As I said-- I am amazed the tire did not blow. The same damage to the rim was on the inside side of the wheel also. They are going to check my alignment next week. The car handled fine for the 20 miles to the service center...I am counting my blessings.


Wheel insurance?

Ouch, it hurts just looking at the photo. So sorry for your loss.

How does one get wheel insurance through Tesla?

I bought it when it was offered in April by Tesla. At the time I had a window to buy the insurance (after getting the car in December). I do not know if it is still offered after purchase (it was under Services).

Wheel insurance no longer available through Tesla Motors.

The car drives so smooth it is easy to forget how heavy the car is and that the wheel is no match for an event like this.

Dijja hear why it took so long to invent the wheel? The first inventors used squares, and got discouraged when the corners kept wearing off.

I had a similar experience in my wifes Infinity in January. I hit a pothole and did $2800 worth of damage. I wrote to the Florida DOT and they paid for the complete repair. As we all pay road tax (registration) they have an obligation to keep the roads in good repair. It is important that you call the highway patrol or local police and report the pothole also take a picture of the pothole and your car at the time of the damage. I notified my insurance company and indicated i would not be filing a claim with them ( no fault incident but $1000 deductable if I went through my insurance). It took about 6 weeks for the $2800 check to arrive from the DOT.


Let me understand you more clearly: TM wheel & tire insurance covers completely the cost of replacement your damage wheel,right?

If that were true, I would be so glad and relieved that I bought the wheel insurance to protect my 21 wheels against the similar road damage.

@aviationfw: In every state I've lived in the DOT will only take responsibility if it's a pothole that were previously aware of, but haven't gotten around to fixing yet. If you hit a new hole no one told them about, you'd be on your own.

Either way, it's a good idea to report them, though.

Of course if you run out into the fast lane on the interstate to get a picture of the pot hole you may not be in a position to cash the check.

@bradslee It is my understanding that the wheel replacement will be fully reimbursed under the insurance.

At this point I have alerted CDOT but I am sure they are overwhelmed with the road damage from the floods.


You have just confirmed why I did not get the 21" wheels - and boy I wanted them! They look great but not real practical in Colorado. I had Barbara at the Colorado sales location talk me out of them. Lucky you had the insurance!

BTW - I drove a P85+ and I could not believe how noisy it was compared to my S85. I am guessing it is the 21" wheels and on the "+" the rear tires are wider... and $700 each!

When you go to replace the tires like at Big O - a representative said they are close to $500 each verses $200 for the Goodyear 19-inch. That's a lot for tires that will probably only last 15,000 miles.

Have you checked tire cost?


Kevin - Where on I-70 was the offending hole?


Near Evergreen after going up Floyd Hill

I think the tire may actually have survived...but the rim sure did not. CDOT looked at the picture & said they would alert a crew to search for pothole...

You should file a claim with CDOT - however they have more priorities with flood damage at the moment... still, I wonder what the process is?


Hi Rod,
CDOT said I could file a claim and gave me the info. I figue my wheel insurance can decide if they want to file a claim on my behalf. CDOT was unaware of the pothole (from my correspondence with them) It may be it isn't enough of a road hazard for regular tires?


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