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personal data collection by tesla

Tesla collects information about where, when and how you drive. It stores your driving destinations and driving habits. This information is automatically and periodically updated to Tesla.

Read the 'telemetrics' section of your agreement.

Tesla agrees to release this information to the police and courts. Given the recent revelations about NSA's collection of data records (that is, your individual and personal information about your activities) means your detailed movement activities are now available to the government.

Go read it.

Well, life is always a balance between sober knowledge and ignorant bliss.

I think Tesla did an exemplary job treating this very sensitive issue.

A. If you don't want any record, you can opt out at will.

B. If you allowed the record, they protect it, and won't surrender it without a court order.

I don't think this is even close to the long-existent risks of abuse with smartphones.

In comparative terms, Tesal is way better about preserving your privacy.

1. You cannot opt out of records with a smartphone.

2. Conversations, email and search history reveal your personal thoughts and beliefs. The car doesn't capture this.

Tesla records provide only a log of what the car does, not who's driving or what they think.

That's a big difference.

If you are (justifiably) worried about government abuse of records, focus your pushback on your smartphone. That risk is orders of magnitude greater than your car.

If you have a phone in your pocket, they already not only know you GPS location when your driving, but when you get out and walk too.

The additive risk of car records is immaterial compared to your smartphone.

On the other hand, those car logs, anonymously fused into big data records ... those are fantastically valuable foundation for rapid product innovation and quality assurance.

Tesla developers can quickly get consolidated statistics on frequency of an anomaly, and demand for new features. That really speeds development.

That operating data is part of the reason you get such frequent software updates.

If youre uncomfortable with that, just opt out.

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Roamer is actually correct. I am far from the tea anything movement but find anyone considering themselves a liberal, and not getting what he wrote, seriously naive or misguided. Abuse of such data, be it by crooks, governments, corporations, etc.. is a serious threat. Even thefts of such
data from otherwise honest businesses are common.

And governments have all been caught with their pants down when abusing, selling,.. such data. Internally and internationally.

In UK, cities sold data on its occupants to corporations (both gathered and sold illegally). US used even the initial Echelon for industrial espionage and to try to win unfair advantages for Boeing over Airbus, etc..

These days governments and cities have basically become thugs. In UK and in US, cities were caught knowingly and intentionally using rigged software, to
not catch, but create and screw, innocent drivers into rule breakers, by
making them look as if they crossed a red light, etc.

No one can be trusted and the solution isn't to bend over but to fight it.
Those of you who bend over are part of the problem, so don't think your
suggestions to get over it will be landing of fertile soil. At least be
quiet about your complacency.

If those who are honest have nothing to hide, why is NSA hiding? Stupid comments like that don't do anyone favors since they reduce the impression of intelligence on this forum. Smart people hide their stuff, to protect it
from intellectual theft, graft, social engineering and other data.

Yes, corporations try to charge you more based on where you live and your comments. You can bet they will try to charge those of you, who are complacent, more. Because you're willing to wave your hand and dismiss things
like this as an issue. Any trend can be reversed. But critical mass needs to be achieved. Try to gather it, or don't brag about your lack of will or mental will power to admit to yourselves you're too lazy to deal with doing
anything about it. But at least don't try to make it look like an intelligent choice.

I agree with the notion of "...if you are not doing anything wrong, what are you afraid of". However the problem is, what if over time what is considered acceptable or wrong, changes. There are a number of things that were considered acceptable in that past that you would get fined or thrown in jail for today. When I was growing up, if you misbehaved you got a smack on your backside. These days, if anyone saw you giving a smack to your kid's backside, they would call the police, child services etc.

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@Mark K -- I agree that Tesla does as well as any, and probably as wells the law allows. But, to think that the situation is acceptable is naive in the extreme. You say that they "won't surrender [data] without a court order." This is probably true, but (a) this includes the FISA Court, which operates in secret and has no real adversarial process and is barely a court at all; (b) there is still the matter of data security--there is no reason to think that they are any less vulnerable to data theft than any other large data holder (This is not a criticism of Tesla, it is just a fact of modern life); and (c) Even stipulating that Tesla as a corporation is as ethical as the day is long, this does not imply that each and every employee is equally ethical. The NSA recently learned a thing or two about the implications of even one non-trustworthy insider, eh?

The "I've got nothing to hide" argument is specious. Do you ever leave home long enough for a thief to break in? If so, then you have something to hide. Do you have any PINs, passwords, lock combinations etc? If so, you have something to hide. EVERYBODY has a great many secrets--this is not the same thing as saying that they are doing anything wrong.

I repeat: I am in no way criticizing Tesla. I can't think of very much I could suggest to improve their data policies, given today's realities. But, we as a society are cruisin' for a bruisin'. Big Data is a fact of life, and there are many obvious benefits. This isn't going to change. But, as several have suggested, we can and should bias these systems toward decentralized, individually encrypted transactions that are more difficult to aggregate or steal. Most importantly, individuals need much more visibility and control of their own data and when and how it is used.

Cracked up reading the paper this morning. Steve Benson, the extremely left Liberal newspaper cartoonist printed this in today's paper;

Now the NSA knows I posted copyright material, but I am not worried because I have nothing to hide..........

I said; "Let alone the lefties constant attempts to silence people thru name calling. "

And GoodReason posted; "Roamer, you're in my Bozo Bin until further notice."

Saul would be pleased.

Not putting on a tinfoil hat, but here goes...

If you have an EZ pass in NYC, there are scanners that read it throughout the NYC which record the speed and destination info without the driver's permission.

If you look closely at traffic lights around town, you'll probably notice directional cameras that are not tied to traffic cams. These cameras are tied to a central surveillance system. The sole purpose is to monitor different neighborhoods.

There was a bozo who record his speed record of going from the east side to the west side going 20+ miles above the speed limits. His Youtube dashcam posting was enough for him to get caught. The NYPD used the surveillance cameras to tie in the time and vehicle movements to catch the bozo.

Now take a look at the London traffic lights and see how many cameras are mounted on each of them.

China takes home the winner with the most cams in one intersection.

Can we go back in time and give OJ a Tesla?

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Or maybe Woodward and Bernstein. Then Nixon would still be President and their source would be in prison.

When you can force the head of the CIA to resign by disclosing draft emails that were never transmitted it is chilling to see what the power of our Government surveillance really is.

Petraeus was using the shared email account terrorist communication technique of drafting an email and never sending it. The recipient logs into the same email account and deletes the draft after reading it without ever sending it. How did all these unsent emails end up published in the news........

All that said I willingly participate in sharing my data with Tesla, just not sure who else has access to that much information or has the ability to turn on the camera and microphone at will.

But then I have nothing to hide so why should I care...... I am a good slave on the Federal Plantation so they have no reason to hurt me.

Now back to discussing small visors, Frunk latches and "break lights".

Thought this forum was about Tesla S, not your personal politics, which are of no interest to anyone but yourself.

+1 VIN20353

By offering to have Tesla collect data, you're helping improve the car over time. They're going to be more interested in our data collectively than your data alone; it's more valuable that way.

If you don't want to contribute, then just opt out. The manual explains how.

Definition of a caveman : Can only live by himself, don't want progress and rejects evolution.

Speaking of caveman, "57% of Republicans do not believe in the Theory of Evolution" - Pew Research Center Poll.
Kind of rules out any fact-based discussions.

Because evolution did not happen to them. They still have caveman's brain.

Try not to break down into political parties and ideologies. The second you do, you're all wrong because two artificial parties or poles, don't have or get everything or even much right. In fact, both are wrong by default. The second you tie yourself down to either one, you're already switching your brain halfway off.

Roamer: As a liberal progressive guy, I'm sick of being used as a punching bag. I stand up for your right to speak, but I also stand up for my own right to respond. My response does not silence you, and that's what people don't understand when they post silly things like 'liberals hate free speech'.

Oh: Huge fan of Steve Benson, though.

Vin, why are you bringing your personal politics into this discussion?

The majority of enthusiasts were having a good discussion... Sorry that you did not like it.

@mel, sorry if mentioning a poll result in response to another post, if it struck a nerve with you, I apologize.

Vin,, you sound confused...I liked the poll, matter of fact I liked your participation in the discussion.

Are you changing your position that this forum is about Tesla and not your personal politics?

I am comfortable with Tesla collecting my car's data. It helps them place Superchargers and it helps improve the car for everyone.

I am not comfortable with them releasing my car's information without being forced to do so with a court order. My information should never be shared or sold. Tesla did partner once and a coupon was sent out for expensive jeans. Not only were the recipients outraged but, they were also amused at the assumptions that were made about Tesla owners. Tesla apologized and said that they wouldn't do it again.

I don't use shoppers cards. My toll pass is unidentified and I pay cash on it. I was the first person I personally knew of with a cell phone but now I won't carry one with me. I use proxy searches and disable scripts. I won't store information on clouds either. I helped lead a successful initiative to have our city remove ticketing cameras. Too much liberty is taken with personal information.

But, don't try to categorize me. That is what will offend me. That is exactly the reason I don't like data collection. It isn't as if I have anything to hide. I don't. I just don't fit neatly in any categories and I am still evolving, just like most other people.

+1 Zap.

+1 Zap.

+1 Zap.

As an amateur developer, I'd love for Tesla to package the telemetric data into consumable api's. Anonymized data (or opt in contributors, who get reimbursed in some way for full disclosure) would be especially useful to applications like Waze, google real time traffic, charging station social sites, or going green non profits who would like the trending patterns to predict where to place charging stations or predict climate change impacts to the real time precision. Electricity providers would love to have an opt in system to dictate charging times and rates to go with their smart meter discount plans. It's almost impossible to manually communicate hourly fluctuations in energy pricing, computerized you could allow the cars to automatically adjust to fluctuations with in your set parameters to help the energy company out and get you the lowest price. Most useful with overnight charging at home for daily commute, opt out for trips. Also, emergency brownout events could be automatic like the air conditioners already do today.

Imagine the value of traction control data to google maps. Today you can see speed and construction, that's it, tomorrow you could see the road condition, icy, slippery, deep water, potholes from the gyroscope/accelerometer could pass safe ride heights along to other drivers. That's the next common sense progression.

Zap put it well.

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