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Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

I signed yesterday and were up to 2400. I sent the link and a message to my friends and family, hopefully a few will sign it. I suggest all of us on the forum do the same!

Andrew Savin

11,645 @ 3:10 pm PST

Tom Leykis has been at these forums and he has a Tesla.

I don't know if he is on the air anymore or if he just does podcasts. He might do a plug for the petition if he were aware of it.

Here's a letter I'm sending to my friends. If you find it useful, please feel free to use it, modify it, and send out to your own networks as well!

Dear Tesla-supporting Friends,

I've never been politically active, but this issue has me fired up enough to try to do something about it! Tesla has been selling cars directly to consumers because the internet makes it so easy, and dealers have no incentive to spend the time and money required to educate consumers about the benefits of electric cars when they could much more easily sell an existing car on their lot. This is great for consumers (in my opinion) because you don't have to haggle with dealers, and you don't have a middle-man to mark up the price. Now the dealers are worried that they're going to be run out of business, so they're organizing in certain states (New York, Texas, North Carolina) to pass laws that forbid Tesla from selling in their states (and some even trying to forbid their citizens from "importing" a Tesla from another state). This is an egregious violation of free market capitalism, but still Tesla has to spend a lot of time and money to fight these battles in every state as the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) tries to push this legislation through. Tesla has been winning most of the battles, but NADA is well funded and are fighting like their future depends on it!

There's a petition on to allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states ( It needs 100,000 signatures by next week and still has a long ways to go, but is picking up momentum (it can be signed by any person age 13 or older). Passing this petition won't have any direct effect on laws, but it will help bring the issue to national awareness, and hopefully show the legislators that people do not support NADAs activities.

It requires a small effort to sign on to the website and give your name and e-mail address, but otherwise it's pretty quick and easy. If you feel like taking the time to sign it, please do - and pass along to your friends and family!

Some of you may know who Leo Laporte is. He has among many shows one called The Tech Guy. This is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday across the country. I tried with no luck to get thru last Sunday. I think Leo would back the petition. Lots of times when he suggests something he gets a big following. I spoke with the same guy at Tesla in Palo Alto about this and suggested that he pass that along there at Tesla. I was thinking they would have more pull to get heard.
Feel free if anyone else listens to the Tech Guy to try to get on this weekend to explain the petition. I will also try again.
Fingers crossed that a Tesla official gets in contact.

11,729 @ 4 pm PST

Looks like we're the 48th most popular petition right now...

12815 at 9:26 PM EST

Almost 13k...

Same for me with the letter, Jamon!

13,275 @ 7:50 pm PST.

Up to about 5/minute now!

13,500... 8:15pm pst

Tesla stores nation wide should be making this petition available for shoppers/visitors to sign. Employees should explain the fight for direct sales. If they can't talk about prices or give test drives they should damn well be able to express why and make aware the petition to help make things right!

Elon/George, get store employees on this right now... Expect a lot of people to be visiting the store over the holiday weekend. Will easily get the sigs if everyone talks about it and sets up a computer for people to sign!!!

13650... 9:03pm pst

I am a green card holder, can I sign this?

If you are 13 or older... Sign away!

13725... 9:26pm pst

@skkhow....of course you can sign...the only thing u can do is vote...otherwise you have exactly the same rights of every Americano...


...only thing u "can't" do is vote.....

13850... 10:00pm pst

13900... 10:29pm pst

Tesla petition is the 5th most popular active white house petition in the USA now!

... Just 600 sigs behind #4 most popular... Keep signing!

...620 sigs behind #3!

14003 2:03am est

13990... 11:00pm pst

Approx 4,000 sigs over past 24 hr... Not bad!

Need tesla stores to get awareness to visitors and we'll get the goal for sure!

...gained 50 sigs on #4... 550 behind now!

14,039 at 11:20 pm PST

14650... 11:31pm pst

Gained another 60 Sigs on #4... 490 behind...

Correction, 14065 @11:32pm

14103 11:50 pst

14121@11:51pm pst... Gained another 60 on #4... 440 behind and moving up fast

14,270 @ 1 am PST

everyone who signed (here) need to find/persuade at least another 5 or so to sign as well else we do not stand a chance...

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