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Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

I signed yesterday and were up to 2400. I sent the link and a message to my friends and family, hopefully a few will sign it. I suggest all of us on the forum do the same!

Andrew Savin

I'm hoping that the Tesla gets in contact with Leo Laporte of The Tech Guy show on the weekend radio. I talked with Josh at Tesla Palo Alto and he said he has forwarded the info. If they can get Leo to talk about the petition he reaches millions on the weekend. Also the people he reaches are pro tech and motivated. I think the petition could get a big boost in numbers if this happens. At present pace don't think we'll reach 100,000 by July 5th. I'm running out of people to get to sign. Most of my friends have done so already.

19235 @ 8:09am pdt

Picking up the pace! Awesome!

20,000 @ 8:38am pdt

Woo hoo! Something's in the water today!

...Only 6k Sigs away from #2 most popular active petition!

20410 @ 8:58am pdt

This is the pace, keep it up everyone! News outlets, radio shows, etc... Are talking about a lot now. Great word of mouth and I'm assuming it came from many people on this forum!

21,181 @ 9:35am pdt

4,900 away from #2 most popular active petition. Definately #1 Sigs per hour now!!

Go jk, go!! This feels like SamoSam spewing out live info from a Tesla press release :)
I love it!!

211 sigs in 6 minutes.

21161 @ 11:41 CST
21372 @ 11:47 CST

21,710 @ 10 am PDT
Almost 15/minute! Picking up speed.

That was over the last 3+ hrs. In the last 20 minutes or so, it's >28/min.

Petitions was just picked up by ValueWalk… we're famous!

Over 23,000!

Nope, 22,093 at the moment (11:23 am PDT).

Correction, that was 10:23 am PDT. Currently 10:30 am PDT, 22,276

22,606 @10:42am pdt

Just 3.5k from #2 now! Out-effing-standing!

Oops :)

It will be important to plot the cumulative #s. So far it looks linear so may not make it. If it becomes exponential, no problem.

23,000 @ 11:06am pdt

Great press right now helping so much!

23,144 @11:08am pdt

Only 3k away from #2...

Approx. 4,000 sigs/hour right now! If we keep this up, could have over 73,000 sigs in total by midnight!!!! Keep em coming!!!

In 45 minutes, it climbed 992, to 23,268; that's 22/minute.

23,787 @ 11:30am pdt

Take that NADA! I bet you didn't expect anyone to catch on to your sneaky tactics, but now you can watch democracy in action…

23,969 @ 11:36am pdt

Go to the open petitions page for more timely updates...

At this rate, making allowances for slower growth overnight, we should reach 100,000 in about 4 days.

24,244 @ 11:46am pdt

Only 1.8k from the #2 spot!!!

24,475 @ 11:56am pdt...

Whatever you guys are doing, it seems to be working. I actually learned about this petition because a couple news stories about it showed up this morning during the course of my normal web surfing.

I went and signed it, posted it to my facebook and told most everyone I know to go sign the petition.

Somebody should organize a caravan of Model S owners this weekend and make a lot of noise using the cars themselves to draw attention to the petition. Tell everyone to meet at a certain time at Hawthorne and start the trip caravan from there.

Yes: 25k @ 12:24 am

25,121 @ 12:36pm pdt

900 sigs from #2 spot!! Keep em coming, almost there!

Correction, 25, 261 @ 12:36pm pdt

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