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Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

I signed yesterday and were up to 2400. I sent the link and a message to my friends and family, hopefully a few will sign it. I suggest all of us on the forum do the same!

Andrew Savin

Is this the official changing of the guard from jk2014 to Brian H for the night shift?

I think 32K is more likely by 12:00.

31, 308 @ 10:13pm pdt

Almost 18,000 today.

I signed it at about #300. My wife signed a few minutes ago. Working on others too.
Looks like this may make it to 10k in time at this rate. Exciting!

Sorry, I ment 100k.

@Brian H 18,000 today? Spectacular...I remember when I signed it at 8,000 thinking it would never reach 100k in another week. at that rate it'll make it for sure.

31,687 @ 11:53pm pdt

Just took over the #28 spot. Nearly 18k day as Brian h said! Fantastic work by a lot of great people signing out there! Se thing tomorrow!!

While you were sleeping
32.390 @ 06:00

32,450 @ 6:13am pdt

Now #26!

In terms of current, "incomplete" petition drives, #2, behind the Ban Teaching Creationism (38,522).

Even if 100k goal is not met I recommend cutting and pasting the result to emails to your own state and federal senators and reps.

Ron A

33,203 @ 08:00 = 400/h now = 68.000 in 7 days. Makes a total of 101.500 in 7 days

Just hit Top 25 petitions of the year! Keep em coming!!!

5.2k away from being the #1 most popular active wh petition!

33,412 @ 8:31am pdt

#24 now! Picking up the pace too!

34,122 @ 10:01am pdt

OK, Elon Musk just twittered about the petition.
Let's get it rocketing sky high !!

Musk just tweeted to support the petition.

34,500 @ 10:28 (time of his tweet)

34, 737 @ 10:37am pdt

@AtlantaCourier that will seriously help out, he has twice the followers that the petition needs. I'm surprised that he and the Facebook page took so long to comment on it, since there's only less than a week left at this point.

So, after his tweet, we got 500 votes in the first 15 min.
(twittered - tweeted; oeps)

35,339 @10:55!

It has made it onto Mashable:

± 35,500 @ 11:00. Steady at 500 votes / 15 min.

End of Story. Sorry N.A.D.A. 100K by the end of the day! Obama to mandate Tesla and cancel ICE. You can't stuff Tesla back in the box any more than you could ban the Internet.

35, 688 @ 11:18am pdt

Only 3k till #1 most popular petition! Thanks for the support elon!

We are truly thankful to Elon for finally supporting the efforts to support his own company.
Tesmaniacs we are.

36, 024 @ 11:26am pdt

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