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Photo of Cubby Please

Several threads report deliveries of cars with Cubbies. Could someone post a photo please?

Oops! Sorry about the size.

Try again.

And again.

A bit distorted.

Thank you Brian H.

Please clarify. Who has had deliveries with cubbies? Is this an option I missed? Are all cars from a certain date forward with cubby?

You should get one installed don't worry talk to your specialist. Earlier cars are going to be retrofitted.

Mine is coming Jan./Feb. Will it be standard or still an accessory?

It's standard on cars now. You'll get it. I thought you already had your s

Only in my dreams. Just a bit obssessed in the meantime. Thanks for your info.

There are aftermarket tesla optional storage solutions coming to if you need more:

Is that icky shiny plastic? The piano black? I hate it.

Oh, now I see, it comes in the wood/fiber variations too. I'm fine with that.

Please can we have an Update on the Factory "Opportunity Console". When will we see the final product? When will it be ready?

I really hope Tesla designs a console with the various matching leather / trim. Now that I actually own the car, I would not want just anything that fits in there, it really needs to look perfect. Otherwise it will look cheap, like some aftermarket Pep Boys thing.

You do have the shelf that under the touch screen and the center tray....correct? Is center insert carpet or matches the wood trim?

I like the opportunity console but just wish
He'd there was something shorter between the seats but leaves the rest of the floor under the cubby free

I think that free flat floor space is one of the Tesla trademarks

Apologies for the typing errors
(But assume that you get the gist)

Yeah I like the version tesla proposed with open area, but pad for cel phone to sit on. Waiting for that one!


Yes, the cubby under the touchscreen works great! It holds my iPhone5, sunglasses, and my garage remote (can't get Homelink to work currently).
It's small, but it fits right with the trim, and has a good quality rubber inside, which holds things firm. Plus, it is at a slight angel back, so everything stays firm at all times. Another thing I like about it, I notice my Blutooth music from my iPhone5 has far less dropouts when it is sitting in the cubby, verses the floor or my pocket.

My wife likes the open center for her purse, when she is riding shotgun, and I am not opposed to the idea of a bridge style center console, so you can still place large items (like a purse) under it.

What angle do you have to hold your head at to see the little angel?

BrianH : 1-0!!



What is that one?
Seen designs/pictures?

The cubby photo above was NOT like the one in the DC showroom. Well, the cubby itself does, but the in the showroom had what appeared to be semi-circular cutouts in the long-base running along the floor. They appeared to be two additional beverage holders there. It didn't look like very much support for the cup if you were driving aggressive, but fine for a tour. I kind of liked it.

The Brown car in DC had a prototype Convenience Console (cup holders) directly below the cubby but, as you say, the cubby itself was exactly the same as the one pictures here (three times :} )

Brian H, your first picture is so large that I flag it as inapproriate.

TESLA! we need preview and maybe possibility to delete our own messages.

Vouteb it's in the thread I posted before. Just scroll down to see pics

The cubby did come installed in my car (VIN #532), but the shiny black plastic on the floor was not part of my car. I just have the standard black carpet along the center space between the seats.

I don't know if Tesla will provide that plastic insert in the future, but they were showing some prototypes of it at the Get Amped rides.

Seems the new interior design engineers Elon hired have been tweaking?

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