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Pirelli Cinturato to replace my 19" Goodyears


Anyone tried this tire yet?

Seems to have a high number for quietness, ride comfort, and even traction (both dry and wet). This according to the 'survey' link. COmes with a high UTQG (700, highest for all seasons).

No, but I was eyeing them myself. Unfortunately my 19" aren't making it through another winter. These cars do chew up the tires. Feel it must be the weight of the car. 15,000 miles. Will likely get less than 25,000 on OEM Michelins

Hey guys, can you rotate the 19" wheels? 15k tire changes would suck for me because I drive a lot.

I have gotten 30k miles out of my Primacies so far.


So, I read the reviews on TireRack. I noticed the most of the reviews were for fairly light cars. The one review from a heavy car (MB S Class) noted the stiffness of the tire, which would also me my concern: the hardness of the tire compound paired with the weight of the MS.


Thanks Omar. I myself feel the heavy car wears out the tires no matter how you drive. However, a heavier car would tend to flex the sidewall more, not less, I guess? not sure.

This tire is rated 700 UTQG which is better then the Goodyears. It should last longer than the 15k I got out of the Goodyear tires.

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