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Playing tunes off a USB flash drive

I just got my car and have been trying everything out. I transferred my iTunes files to a USB flash drive. The files are recognized and I can play the songs but after every song I have to pick another one or the same song repeats endlessly. Is there a way to automatically advance to another song or, better yet, play a random shuffle or is that only available if using my iPod touch? Thanks.

I haven't had that problem. When using USB, it always plays through the tracks sequentially.

I think your original library was separated into folders for artists? If you only have one song in a folder and choose "folder" play.. it's going to repeat. Try choosing the artist or song play mode.

Also, the system creates an "individual files" (or something like that) option if you have music files at the root level of the USB stick.

Has anyone figured out a way to get the Music App to shuffle the songs on the USB flash drive? Mine only play in alphabetical sequential order.

If you touch the Songs menu on the left and select a song on the right it will play all the songs alphabetically from different albums. I have over 200 albums on the flash drive so it plays the songs alphabetically from different albums. This is the closest thing to shuffle in the current MS software.

You can also select your favorite songs - which are put into the favorites "playlist" - but those are also played alphabetically.

The only option you might have to change sequence would be to rename the files in the alpha order you want - and then "play by folder".

There isn't a way to "shuffle" with the current software.

I, too, tried everything to reorganize the songs on my USB, short of renaming every song in the order I'd prefere, and finally accepted it can't be done with this version of the music app. So now I listen mostly via Bluetooth from my iPhone. It ain't the best quality, but most convenient. Patiently waiting while TM attends to higher priority items.

Yes I definitely need the 'Shuffle' capability. I connect a 2TB drive to the car, though I only fill about 100G of music. I don't want to listen to the music in the same order again and again. I want 'Shuffle'!

Just picked up my car. My Ford Fusion Hybrid had Play All Songs and then Shuffle Option. My Tesla needs Shuffle!

Maybe in version 6... Version 5.x is pretty basic - no playlist support - a single favorites list - that plays songs in alpha order.

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