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Please tell me if this idea is stupid

As someone who is in the automotive industry and has a good understanding of how charging systems on combustion engines work, why can the tesla not have its own internal charging system. It says on the site that for every hour the car charges, it can drive 62 miles, so I'm proposing that the car be designed with an alternator type charging system and TWO batteries each capable of going say 75 miles on a full charge. While the car is on the road it only needs to use one battery for the first 75 miles, and when that first battery depletes, the car can automatically switch the the second battery while the alternator starts charging the first. The car could then run endlessly with no need to stop and plug in... Unless I'm a moron who has no clue as to how the batteries and charging system in these cars work. Please tell me why this doesnt work.

Oh Brother !!

@kueves87 | MAY 12, 201: Unless I'm a moron who has no clue as to how the batteries and charging system in these cars work. Please tell me why this doesnt work.

Please see How come electric cars don't have alternators that just recharge the battery while you drive?

Well I think that this is NOT a stupid idea and it can work in a near future. All arguments given here don't make sense.

This should work like the dynamos in the bicycles

the car can automatically switch to the second battery while the alternator/dynamo powered by the wheels in motion, starts charging the first.

this is a good idea.

Would someone please start an aftermarket store that sells solar panels, alternators, windmills, unobtainium reactors, cosmic ray collectors, and magic beans to make your Tesla Model S drive forever? Then let people put money down for the option of their choice, which will be "available soon".

Judging by this thread, there is some money to be made there.

You seem to fail to realize that the source of energy for #2 is #1. Losses are inevitable with each transfer, so you never get back as much as you put in. So you rapidly end up with nothing.

It's not a stupid idea, it's just an idea that is completely ignorant of physics and thermodynamics.

I think the mistake here is that these people don't realize that alternator-generated electricity is not free, that it does slow down the axle it is attached to a bit more than it generates electricity.

@PorfirioR, I think someone already tries that:

It can't be coincidence that that comes right after discussion here in this thread.

Thanks. I posted a response on that thread. Perhaps there should be a boilerplate response for all these ideas.

Sometimes I feel bad throwing cold water on these ideas because I believe that there is value in discussing even those ideas that "would never work". I am sure that there was such a discussion when the founders of Tesla were starting an electric car company.

However, I also feel that there is a point when the discussion should end after an idea has been exhausted, like it is the case here.

I know this thread is winding down. But if it helps at all, the Mazda Skyactive program determined that the alternator consumed 10 hp and though it is not a hybrid, it does power the alternator when slowing similar to regen braking and that power is stored in capacitors. One HP = 746 watts/sec. performing the calculations, you can determine how much electricity would actually be wasted by adding that extra load to the motor's output.

"This should work like the dynamos in the bicycles"

Haha, these threads always go on too long.

Riding a bicycle with a dynamo attached to power a light requires more effort from the rider than if the dynamo was not installed. With modern LED lights, the extra effort required isn't that much, so maybe it's not as noticable, but it's certainly not free.

Here's another experiment for those who think this should to try. Get a pair of moon shoes. Start walking in them. Since the springs are giving you energy back every step you take, you should be able to walk from coast to coast and never get tired, according to this idea. Go ahead and get started, I'm sure it'll catch on once you show us all it can be done.

Put a 250 watt generator on your bicycle to run a 250 watt heat lamp bulb. Then try it without the bulb. Unless you are Lance Armstrong, you will be pooped trying to keep the light bulb burning brightly for 10 minutes, but you can cycle all day, or at least till your butt gets sore if there is no bulb. I know this is true because I have tried it.
Now ask yourself where did that energy come from?


Good one Brian..

This is the Fifth thread. Why don't these guys talk to someone who understands physics before they start a thread.

Fifth? Can't be that low. Feels more like hundredth.

264th and counting.

@RanjitC, It's because the teachers, scientists, and engineers of the world are all part of the conspiracy to prevent this technology from upsetting the status quo, so he has to make his appeal directly to the people. Obviously, one of the best places to do that is the Tesla forum since we're all poised to launch new technologies and Elon Musk reads ever post looking for new ideas to fund.

Does that make sense?

...didn't think so.

I would not say the idea is stupid, my friend, but it says that you could be a little confused about how electric cars work and the use of batteries.
Batteries in EVs are different with IC vehicles. In EVs, battery is the main source and that seems funny that you convert that electric energy to mechanical energy(wheels) and again transfer that to electric energy to the battery. Why somebody would do that!!?
Batteries in gasoline cars are for minor use, and they don't have much energy, that is why they could be charged from the mechanical energy of the wheels. However, in an electric car, the battery turns the wheel and the energy that goes to motors are always less that the energy coming from the battery and that would be funny if some body wants to bring back some of the energy to the battery, except for RB systems that comes from the kinetic energy that is supposed to be wasted, but we get that back to the battery.
Of course they can easily extend the range almost "unlimited" if you put as much as a big truck battery to a vehicle it even could go to Asia with one time charge except for the ocean needs to go by boat or something.
That is a very important compromise for the volume and "price" of batteries. They are the most expensive part of an electric car.
I hope that would help a little bit.

Original poster means well.
Elon and his team are years ahead of anyone else, that includes other so-called experts and most certainly, forum dwellers (us).

Nah. Run of the mill science illiteracy. Lifting yourself by your own bootstraps* is the old tyme description. Something for nothing is the classic sucker bait of scammers and fools.

*"the imagined feat of a lifting oneself off the ground by pulling on one's bootstraps. This impossible task ..."


"If I had a nickel....."

Indeed. If the OP truly believes his idea will work, then he's simply misinformed regarding energy conservation and friction/inefficiencies, etc.

More likely though I'm afraid is that this is a joke or a troll.

Oh well, it's enjoyable to read some of the responses either way. Be kind, everyone. :-)

Me thinks that the OP is a perfect example of why science and math should get more emphasis both in high school and post high school.

@Brian H +1

"Run of the mill science illiteracy." It is amazing how deep it runs. I followed a link from one of the similar threads to the US Patent Office: there are patents applications for things like this! Wind turbines on EVs, dynamos, etc... it is amazing that somebody will go the length without the slightest concern for basic physics.

The patent office and lawyers parting fools from their money. Next, they sue each other for patent infringement. Go for it!

OK, you asked: Your idea is stupid.

"Run of the mill science illiteracy"
Unfortunately, it looks like, in the U.S. At least, that it's illiteracy in EVERY subject. Nobody seems to care to be informed on the most basic of levels anymore... :(

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