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PLEASE TESLA! Do something about the spamming of your forums!

Logged on today to find the General forums completely overrun with spam.

Normally I don't mind flagging a few of these messages but it's literally pages, and pages, and pages, and pages of spam threads now. Ugh. Too many to bother flagging.

Please do something Tesla. As your vehicles and forums become more popular this is only going to get worse!

Thank you!

No doubt! It's been carpet bombed. 12+ pages if spam and counting. Enough to render things unusable until they get this resolved!

Yup. Looks like the spam attack is still ongoing though.

12 pages? Yesterday I counted over 125 pages of spam posts!

Most gone this morning but still more coming in. Seems it would just be easier for Tesla to install some proper forum software rather than playing whack-a-spam incessantly.

"whack-a-spam" ROFL . . . made my day!
or perhaps I'm just giddy that the problem seems resolved.

The Discussions page showed 3400+ new posts at one point in the onslaught! Busy bots.

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