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On a positive note...

There has been a lot of criticism and uproar entailing the launch of the "Options & Pricing" page on Tesla's website, and I am certainly among the first to admit that not everything went smooth with the reveal of this information:

Due to these irritations, a lot of very welcome news and nice surprises that can be found on that page did not get their fair share of attention. Let's try to remedy this situation in this thread. Which announcements made you particularly happy?

I'll be buying the Model S for long distance driving. We will keep our Leaf for around-town errands as we need two cars and the Model S is much too big for that use. So I'll basically need the UMC nearly every time I take the car out. Or at least want to take it with me as my most used destination is within round trip range but also has free charging available. It'll be silly not to recharge the car for free when I'm parked for 7-10 hours anyway :)

I apologize for being slightly off subject… but on a positive note. Yesterday, my wife and I visited the West Los Angeles TM showroom and sat in their red Signature. We loved the car in October and it looked even better yesterday. We can’t wait for December 2012 (ETA P3,916).

The fact that TM could conceive, design, and develop the “S” and pretty much hit all their targets is monumental. Many forum writers are being far more critical of TM than they should. I promise, none of us obsessed over our previous car(s) like we have with the “S,” and that includes the first car we dreamed about as teenagers

To one and all, Happy Holidays and I know 2012 will be a great new year.

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