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Power Folding Mirrors

Did power folding mirrors just get added to the tech package? Looks like a small increase in price but a great feature

I have other cues and don't use my side mirrors at all.

Thank you for the heads up on the folding mirrors! I just e-mailed a request to for my order to be updated.

My car is already in production so too late for me... unless I want to start all over and wait another 6 to 8 weeks (which I think would kill me)...

Still it was nice to have the option if I wanted it. I heard through the grapevine this could be added later as retrofit, so perhaps I can have my car and folding mirrors too! We'll see how much it costs.

On a 2-lane highway, sure. Or at least the passenger mirror. That's a 2.5% savings ;) or other EU reservation holders.
have you successful been able to ad the power folding mirrors to an EU model?

I sent them a email about adding it, still awaiting answers, but would be nice to have considering Norway's parking spots are narrow.

Note about drag and mirrors:
Tesla says that eliminating side mirrors lowers drag with about 3 to 6%.
However, eliminating side mirrors is not the same as folding them!
In fact, by driving with folded mirrors your may even disrupt the airflow around the car in such a way that you increase drag. After all, the car's aerodynamics are designed and tested with the mirrors extended.

Perhaps someone can test this by driving 100 miles in the same conditions with mirrors folded and with mirrors extended to verify the increase/decrease in energy usage ;-)

About adding them to my existing order in EU:
I also sent an email to Tesla. Seems like there are quite a few people here doing that.

How about capitalizing on the folding mirror idea, and have a camera on the outside edge of the mirror so that it turns into a a blind spot checker when the mirror is open and a rear view camera when they are folded That way you could sneekily meet regulations of having a mirror and people could at their discretion switch to a camera system by folding the mirrors in order to get better aerodynamics.

Do not know of EU orders, just that US orders ( mine and others)are delayed a couple of weeks from earlier schedules due to # of vehicles now destined to EU, instead of US.

@lph, I love your idea.

Tried to change my configuration, but Tesla phone guy, said it wasn't possible.
My status is still "sourcing parts", but he claimed it was in production..
Sounded like he didn't wanted the bother.
Any EU res holder, who had luck in changing to power folding mirrors (while status: sourcing parts)?

Soren - the dashboard isn't always up to date, and most of us have found that they really do try to change your config if possible. If you think it was just the guy you called, try directly emailing or just calling and asking someone else, never hurts.

Has anyone taken delivery with power folding mirrors yet and like it?

I still have a little time left to add before delivery next month and was hoping to get some feedback on this.


Has anyone taken delivery with power folding mirrors yet and like it?

I still have a little time left to add before delivery next month and was hoping to get some feedback on this.


@Justinde: I don't think so. They just became available for ordering on Friday, and people with cars close to starting production were denied the ability to add them. We won't start seeing cars with them for at least another week or two.

anyone can comment on folding mirror? how easy is it to fold them while approaching your garage? automatic when pressing the homelink ?

I have folding mirrors and they fold with a button between left and right mirror controls (manual) or when car locked. Even if you fold them with the button they unfold when ever car is unlocked - so if you park close to a wall the mirror can unfold and hit the wall - defeating the purpose of the folding mirror. Wish they would make a software upgrade to keep mirrors folded until about 10-20 MPH as M-B/BMW.


What if you turn off the Auto Fold option? I'm too lazy to check, but would assume they stay wherever you put them.

@jay You're parked too close if mirror can hit the wall unfolding. Other part of the body likely will hit the wall too when you get out if not already did when you get in.

@carlk - how can you say the car is parked too close? The folding mirrors reduce car width by about 11". For people with tight garages, it can make sense to snug the car within an inch or two of the wall on the passenger side, and gain enough space to get out on the driver side. In our "city" garage the only way we can put in two vehicles is to drive one in head first and the other backed in. We hug the walls on both sides and exit solely in the corridor between the vehicles. Works great using laser indicators.

Our Ford F150 has a rubber stop on the rear bumper and we use a reinforced plywood rear wall to park the truck touching it. The truck's mirrors auto-fold and one is placed a half inch from the wall while folded in. The front bumper clears the rolling door by half inch when so parked. The Tesla comes alongside head-in, with its passenger mirror placed an inch off the wall, which has a mark showing where to stop. Works like a charm, but the added five inches available with folding mirrors would be really nice to have.

Even non-powered mirrors fold manually. A cushioned bumper as you enter would work fine.

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