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Power Side Mirrors?

It's my understanding that the side mirrors in the model S are not powered, they are manual. What do you think the reasoning is behind a luxury vehicle that would not make these mirrors powered?

The stalks of the mirrors would have to be thicker to accommodate the motors increasing drag.

One more thing to break after the warranty expires, no thanks. I'll gladly take the aerodynamics over power folding mirrors.

Unpowered side mirrors renders the memory seats provided in the tech-package a little ironic. Jump into the car after your wife has driven and the car gets your seat exactly how you want it. All you have to do is wind down the windows, stretch to the right, adjust the mirror, check it and maybe adjust again, then fix the other side.

I've now had three cars with power mirrors: one for ten years, another for eight, and the current one eleven. None gave me any problem with the mirrors.

I didn't know that exist cars without power mirrors!!! you really need to move them manually?

@ Nu2Ecar,

I don't think you are understanding the issue. The mirrors are powered and can be adjusted remotely. However, the OP is asking about power folding mirrors, where they rotate and fold themselves against the side of the vehicle. Did you think the Model S didn't have power adjustable mirrors? LOL

Nu2Ecar is not informed. The mirrors are powered for adjusting site. The are not powered for folding then against the care for car wash or going in a tight space.


@ pbredow,

To clarify your question, are you asking about the mirrors being powered from the standpoint of adjusting the mirrors or folding them towards the car? They are powered for adjustment, but not for folding.

Are we talking of FOLDING power mirrors right? which really don't mind but the mirrors are powered for adjustment right?, can some one clarify this please.

The mirror adjustments are powered. Powered folding is not as AmpedRealtor pointed out. The memory adjustments in the tech package adjust seat settings, the mirror settings for driving and backing up, the AC temperature settings and maybe something else I do not realize.

The mirrors themselves are "powered" and linked to your various Profile preferences (both for D and separate for R if you want).
What isn't power, is the "folding" of the side mirrors, that is manual.

What they said.

I'm actually pretty confident that if Elon can get the camera side mirrors through the NHTSA then he'll make them available for retrofit on the Model S.

No more worries about folding mirrors.

On the Model X.

Sorry for the confusion. Yes they are powered for adjustment, just seemed a bit odd to me that they wouldn't be powered for folding against the side of the car. I do have a narrow entry into the garage and we use the power folding feature on our other vehicle every time.

Maybe TM planned for camera mirrors on the S and when it didn't get approved on time they threw on side mirrors last minute with no time to implement auto folding?

Lack of powered folding is not a big deal for me. Thanks for clearing up the issue.

The also motorized tilt down for seeing better in reverse. I don't need folding mirrors I have a 21' garage door.

With the side mirrors power adjustable (but not power foldable for now), why are blind spot monitors not included? I've come to rely on them and not have to turn around to check if car is coming alongside me.

Here are the things tied to the profile in v4.5


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If you properly adjust your side view mirrors there are no blind spots. Do a Google search for how to adjust side view mirrors and be prepared for a whole new way of looking at things . . . behind you.

Folding mirrors? Why would anyone want to park in that tight of an area? Why would anyone want to do anything but hand wash the car?

This is the funniest thread I've seen in a bad way.

Power mirrors would be a definite plus.....
Many garages are a bit tight....this gives you that extra bit of room....
I can fit but it's close....

I manually Fold the drivers side....
Power mirrors would add a number of potential customers IMHO.....

"then against the care"
them against the car ;p ;)

@jonlivesay: where do you live? I'm in the Netherlands and every time I park in a public parking structure, I electrically fold the mirrors- if I don't, they'll be bumped into and scratched by the people who park next to me, squeezing thru the small gap between their car's mirrors and mine.

And that's with a compact 3 series! Part of choosing for the MS for me was accepting that I'll have to drive to the roof of the structure every single time, because the spaces there are often a bit wider, and there are less cars parked there to begin with.

I have about 1.5 inches on each side between my mirrors and my garage door opening. Folding mirrors would make for a MUCH less stressful garage entry/exit. Were my garage 1-2" narrower, this would have been a deal killer for me buying the model S, and I would have stuck with my BMW 335d. Since the model S is such a big car, power folding mirrors would be a huge help.

They're very tough, and fold manually.

They are added as part of tech package. Shucks, should've waited 2 more weeks. Tesla please add retroactive installation otherwise people will keep waiting for more and more feature before purchasing it.

Rumor is they can be retrofitted.

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