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Powered Sun Shades?

I've seen a few posts where people suggest new features and thought I would throw one out there of my own. A lot of folks like to use sun shades on the side windows to keep the sun out of baby eyes. A few manufacturers have even started building these into some of their vehicles. What would be really cool is if Tesla could figure out how to make one that is powered for the falcon doors. How cool would it be if you could just push a button to raise/lower a shade for a kid?

I would like to buy that option as well.

Most people would probably just tint their windows... I would assume

How about like on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner... where you can dim the window with the push of a button :)

Sign me up for that. Tesla has to realize that if the model X is suppose to complete against a van, they better meet or exceed the Toyota sienna limited editions or the Honda Odyssey Tourings fully loaded accessories. Heck, the Odyssey has a mini fridge, sun shades, a dual screen rear entertainment with a HDMi input and a billion cup holders. Now we've only seen the prototypes and it didn't see any of those features. So I'm sure they are hard at work decking the accessories out for their pre productions.

I vote for electrically tinted windows in most every place legal... back, rear doors, overhead windows. A slider on the touch screen could easily darken these windows - collectively or individually (say the sun is shining in on just one side of the car)... for that matter, sensors could detect that sun-side and automatically darken the windows on just that side... that would really be a COOL Tesla innovation! BTW: Very little energy is needed to darken windows... on the order of millivolts.

Electrically tinted (as opposed to a physical blind) would be pretty darn cool. I wonder how much cost something like that would add.

I have been amazed at how well the tinted roof of the Model S pano roof works. It really keeps the glare from the sun out of my eyes and those of my passengers. I bet Model X will have something similar. My nieces and nephews haven't had an issue with sun coming through the roof.

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