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Prayers for those who live in Connecticut

This is not about Model S, so I do apologize, but just wanted to say a prayer to those in Newtown, CT. To those who are buying the MS from CT, our hearts go out to each and everyone of you. I'm a father of a 2 year old and I cannot imagine going through what those 27 families are going through now.

thank you for your understanding.


No one ignores the "Please ignore" thread"! Blasphemy.

Looks like everyone have ignored it lately. Odd.

With the recent happenings in Connecticut, I thought "what can I do to keep this sort of thing from happening every few weeks?" Then it hit me. If the 2nd amendment the the US constitution where to be repealed , we could then have meaningful gun control. For instance, currently the courts prevent a college from prohibiting concealed weapons on campus. I consider that one of the many unwise (and unintended) results of the 2nd amendment. This repeal would not outlaw guns, it would just allow the sensible control of them. If we could get millions of signatures, (not just 25,000) maybe our timid politicians would take some action. I am signer number 2871.

To join me and sign a whitehouse petition go to

Thanks for your consideration

It would be far better to require teachers to be armed.

Btw, why do you suppose Homeland bought 14 billion rounds recently?

"It would be far better to require teachers to be armed."

I think it would be far better to leave handling attackers to trained professionals like police officers, members of the SWAT team and the military. We look to educators to impart our students not only with scholastic knowledge but also to demonstrate how we should be getting along with one another. How can a teacher remain focused on teaching and epouse these values while attempting to secure a weapon? For that reason it should be clear teachers and weapons are incompatible.

Furthering the militarization of our society is a terrible idea when (as per the cartoon shared earlier) it would be better to put more effort and funding into healthcare for the mentally ill. I also think it's ludicrous to suggest putting more weapons within the reach of minors. (Or anyone for that matter.) How long will it be before a teacher's weapon is used against them by another staff member or a student? How long before it is stolen while the teacher is busy performing their intended purpose - teaching?

Too much opportunity for misuse or theft and too little benefit versus risk.

Sorry for the off-topic conversation and my condolences to the families of the victims.

When 500 black men die from “gun” violence in Chicago every year, no one cares, even President Obama, who calls Chicago his home. But if twenty six white people die, he is "outraged". Does the President consider a white life more valuable than a black life? Two hundred and fifty blacks die in Milwaukee, WI every year. The President says nothing. But if a white person dies from a mentally ill person wielding a gun, the President is outraged. Where is the outrage from our President when a black man dies? There is no outrage. Is he complicit in the slaughter of black Americans? Is this the cost of doing business in the inner city? Acceptable losses?

The Tesla forum has reached a new low. Please let this be the last response to this thread.

Police respond only after the fact. Armed individuals are not "militarized", that's juvenile stereotyping. And placing officers in every school is ruinously expensive.

"Solving" mental illness is not an option, either, in the real world. In fact, psychiatry has a success rate within a tiny margin of error equivalent to providing a period of quiet rural exposure. Or worse. Drug treatment is hit and miss, with side-effects which are frequently "stupifying", literally.

Handwaving fixes are not on.

Jewish, you are not being logical... Why do you think all the schools with armed teachers never have a problem.

J, I diid it again, how is everything in Canada, warm down here in southern Florida. Sorry for the mis spell

As a footnote to painful commentary -

- let there be peace to the families touched by such pain.

- Let the wounds heal for those professionals who tried in vain to save their charges.

- Let there be compasion for a person so in pain that he thought that this horrific act would make things better.

From a neighbor who is also a teacher, let us live strong, showing our students the weigh forward away from the unimaginable and on to a caring world. For twenty six are to rest, but always in our lives.

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